Laser Hair Removal After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Laser Hair Removal

Anyone who has kids knows what a joy they can be to have around, but they also know the joy that comes with seeing them go back to school. Now that fall is here, and the kids are back in the classroom, it seems like the best time for every parent to enjoy a little “me time.” With that in mind, we are now offering special laser hair removal at 50% off regular prices.

Women with children may especially be interested in taking advantage of this revolutionary, pain-free treatment. Why? Because during pregnancy, your hormones fluctuate quite a bit. And in addition to the havoc this can wreak on your emotions, hormone changes during pregnancy can also cause the arrival of unwanted body hair.

Fortunately, we offer the latest in painless laser hair removal, using state-of-the-art technology. We can permanently remove unwanted hair from your underarms, lower leg, face, and any other area you want to treat. Our laser can get rid of unwanted hair at the root, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of smooth skin without reaching for a razor or wax.

The kids may be here to stay, but extra hair doesn’t have to. Of course, our specials also extend to men and women who don’t have kids as well. So schedule your laser hair removal appointment today and say goodbye to unwanted hair for good.