Laser Hair Removal Prices

Our laser hair removal price is a fraction of big chains.

Laser hair removal price varies greatly. From practitioner to practitioner, by geographic area and by business, from special to promotion, from reliability of results to skill of practice, the costs vary for the service of permanent hair removal. This means that laser hair removal prices are not the same from block to block, from St Louis to New York to Phoenix.

What your laser hair removal procedure may look like afterwards.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in St. Louis?

With our new special, laser hair that’s effective is more affordable than ever.

Underarms: $75

Basic Bikini: $150

Partial Leg $200

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Big chains can charge thousands for a medium area. They sell this reasonable treatment at an unreasonable price telling people that they are getting a “half-off bargain.” Our current special prices mean that underarms are $50 per treatment, modified bikini is $80 per treatment. Whether you pay as you go or buy our three-treatment packages (for maximum flexibility so that you are not locked into many treatments), you save hundreds and hundreds of dollars with us. And you get our painless laser hair removal in St Louis that is comfortable and effective.

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One of the laser hair removal price factors is what kind of clinic, medspa, or dermatologist you’re receiving service from. Large chains carry huge overhead for compensation, marketing, training, facilities and shared costs, so they must offset this with charges. Since we are wholly owned and independent and treat in our office, we are able to keep these to a minimum.

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Another factor in laser hair removal price is hidden other costs. Some spas and salons add on lasers because they’ve decided this procedure will sell with their beauty treatments. Some chains deal only in laser hair removal and rely on package sales to pay their rent all across the country. Other outlets discount the service heavily if their existing clientele aren’t really liking the service or the results are less than great, trying to get in new business.

Missouri is the only state in USA that does not require medical doctor supervision of a facility. While everyone agrees that physician supervision is a good thing, some spas and technicians try to save a few quick dollars and have no association with a physician or a trained laser technician. Be careful in your selection of a treatment provider. Lasers are powerful instruments, not styling tools.

Additionally, laser medicine is a new and growing field. Lasers touted as miracle hair removers ten years ago are old-hat today, and are in use widely. This means many more treatments than new lasers require. Many who had the first wave of laser hair removal got frustrated with the lack of results from the old machines. Now the less-effective machines can be in use with a discount tempting people to use them, at a big price: FRUSTRATION.

According to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the national average price of laser hair removal in 2010 was $331 per treatment per area; that cost has been slowly decreasing over the last decade. However, in light of the many laser hair removal price variables mentioned above, the best way to receive an accurate laser hair removal price estimate is to attend a few consultations with local treatment providers and smartly consider what it is you get for your dollar.

How Does Pricing Work?

Personal differences can greatly change the total costs of permanent hair removal. Individual growth remains a big factor in the cost of treatment. Density of hair follicles, style of laser and size of area really influence cost. Hair that will respond well to only a few sessions will naturally equal less cost in the long run than follicles needing more treatment.

Older models of laser did not work well with dark skin tones. Patients with tans or darker pigmented skin required a much lower level of energy delivered, meaning more treatments at a lower energy level. This equals more money over time with extra treatments. How well hair lasers will work on your individual skin and hair type, generally speaking, indicates how expensive your course of treatment will be. These factors will influence the hair removal pricing plan you receive from your local laser clinic, medical spa, or aesthetic skin care specialist. Our laser treats all skin types and tones, even tanned or dark skin, meaning effective treatments that usually do not require years of commitment to treatment.

While each treatment has a set cost, the number of treatments needed to permanently clear an area can vary.

Factors that Determine the Laser Hair Removal Price

  • Time Required — In regards to laser hair removal pricing, the time required can both refer to the amount of time of each individual session or the total number of treatments needed to achieve permanent hair reduction. In general, a laser session that only takes 20 minutes will be less expensive than one that takes 60 minutes. Older models of laser required laborious punches that take a great deal of time to fully cover an area, particularly a large area such as the leg or back. Our laser works extremely quickly, as it stays in motion through the course of your treatment and does not require painstaking movement over the body. Body areas can be covered quickly and comfortably, without long and thus expensive sessions.

Time also is a factor as it relates to how many treatments are needed. if it only takes 4 treatments to achieve your final results then your laser treatments will cost much less than if you needed 8 treatments or more.

  • Area of the Body — Laser procedures work on almost any part of the body, from the legs to the back to the face to the toes. The price of body hair removal varies with each area. It goes without saying that smaller areas with not as much hair cost less. This means that small areas such as chin and lip hair removal will be priced less than hair removal on a large area such as the lower leg.
  • Density of the Hair — It’s not common to base hair removal prices on density, but in certain cases, some clinics may opt for this type of pricing plan. Denser hair could take more laser treatments to achieve near permanent results. Our prices do not increase with hair density.
  • Skin Tone — Skin tone can play a partial role with laser hair removal prices. Those with darker skin tones can expect to need more hair removal treatments from older machines to see the expected result. Our laser works beautifully with darker skin, targeting hair pigment below the surface of the skin accurately, making extra treatments unnecessary.

Another important thing to consider with laser pricing is exactly how your professional charges. For example, do they charge one flat rate, or do they charge by appointment time? Do they charge by set package and charge more for follow-up sessions, or do they bill for the number of pulses required? Do package sessions reflect how many treatments will be needed, or will a profit be made on ‘extra’ treatments? These are questions you will want to research as you hold consultations.

How Does Our Laser Hair Removal Pricing Work?

We charge a flat fee per area. Both underarms are one area; both lower legs are another. Toes, man’s beard, and upper lip are some other areas. We have flat pricing for these areas, regardless of skin tone or density of hair.

Laser Hair Removal Promotions: Getting Your Money’s Worth

Many promotions such as Groupon will list for smaller area and then list offer a larger area at an increased price. While Groupons and the like are a good way to find out about new treatment providers, your choice for personal grooming should be based upon your comfort with the practitioner, their experience, the technology they use, the cleanliness of the facility, their reputation, your comfort and safety in the facility, your level of discomfort during and after your procedure, and the testimonials of other patients about their experiences.

Laser hair removal price will change depending on what part of the body you choose. A good place to start might be with underarm laser hair removal. Underarms are a relatively inexpensive area, and one where an effective treatment really makes a difference. One treatment of your underarms could work as a good test to see if laser services are right for you in terms of both comfort and effectiveness.

This should help you when narrowing down your search for a laser specialist or clinic that offers superior results at a cost that fits your budget. When you compare the costs, you will find that laser hair removal is well worth the time and effort.

Laser Hair Removal Price Range in the St Louis Area

Range of Laser Hair Removal Prices by Body Area in St. Louis, Single Session
(please note that some practices will only sell at a package rate and not individual treatments)

Body Area Price
Upper lip $50 – 300
Chin $50 – 300
Underarms $65 – 250
Regular bikini $100 – 450
Half legs (both) $250 – 650
Back $300 – 800
Chest $150 – 450
Abdomen $100 – 400