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Is Post Pregnancy Liposuction the Answer for Post-Pregnancy Fat?

Many women seek cosmetic procedures to help them regain their pre-pregnancy figures—often called a “mommy makeover.” One of the main goals of these procedures is to tighten up the abdominal area that may be seeing excess fat deposits and sagging skin. Post pregnancy Liposuction, along with other procedures, can help contour your body back to its pre-baby look.

Will Post Pregnancy Liposuction Help?

Liposuction is often used to sculpt areas of the body that have excess fat pockets and deposits that may not be responding to all that diet and exercise. Through a liposuction procedure, fat is loosened and then gently suctioned away. While there are some lipo techniques that can also help tighten skin, liposuction is often performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck for more dramatic results.

The Tummy Tuck

With a surgical tummy tuck, the abdominal area essentially gets a mini-makeover through the tightening of abdominal muscles, skin tightening, and in some cases, excess skin removal. Liposuction comes into play with a tummy tuck by eradicating the excess fat.

Pubic Lift and Liposuction

Some women will experience an “apron” of fat and skin that hangs down from the abdomen after delivery. A pubic lift is a procedure that will get rid of that fat and skin and give a rejuvenated, tighter appearance.  The fat is removed via gentle liposuction and the skin is usually removed surgically. A pubic lift is also often commonly performed along with a tummy tuck.

Cesarean Scars

Another problem that is often solved with a tummy tuck/lipo combination is Cesarean scars. Tummy tucks and lipo can eliminate the look of the scars, along with alleviating the look of stretch marks.

At St. Louis Liposuction Center, Dr. Wright and his team understand how important it is to return to your pre-pregnancy figure. “We understand that childbirth is a wonderful experience, and we want to help you get back to looking your best,” says Dr. Wright.

We have many different procedures, including post pregnancy liposuction, that we can use to help you get the best results possible. We even have procedures such as Brazilian butt lifts and breast augmentations that can give you a more detailed and refined look! We invite you to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your desired results and the options available that can help you achieve them.