What to Do After Liposuction to Preserve Your Results

Many people have experienced great results with liposuction surgery. The procedure serves to get rid of small amounts of fat while contouring the body into a leaner, healthier version. This is particularly helpful if you have stubborn pockets of fat in areas like the thighs, abdomen, and sides that are resistant to diet and exercise no matter how much effort you put in.

If you’re considering having liposuction done or have recently undergone the treatment, it’s important to understand that the expelled fat can always come back in the form of new cells or resurface in another spot if you aren’t careful about keeping the weight off. Fortunately by reading these tips, you’ll know exactly what to do after liposuction, and will be more likely to keep your body in shape long term.

Reach a Stable Weight Before the Procedure

Since liposuction is not technically for weight loss, it’s a good idea to try and reach a stable weight that you won’t have a problem keeping up with later on. While you are likely to lose some weight from the procedure, it can be very minimal and you shouldn’t count on it to eliminate a large amount of fat cells. Practicing a healthy lifestyle beforehand will make it easier to exercise after liposuction, and thus uphold your results.

Using After Lipo Compression Garments

Doctors often recommend that after lipo compression garments are worn during the recovery period. This provides assistance in the healing process and allows the new shape to take form. Ignoring the recommendation or not wearing after lipo compression garments as long as you’re supposed to can prevent you from being able to take full advantage of the treatment’s benefits.

Exercise After Liposuction & Diet Considerations

After liposuction, diet & exercise play a key role in ensuring long-term results. It’s vital that you do your part to manage your weight with a proper diet and exercise after liposuction routine; otherwise the procedure could all be for nothing. Gaining weight can wipe out all the effects of the liposuction surgery and cause serious disappointment. Being dedicated to a healthy lifestyle is the only way you’ll be able to enjoy the new contours of your body for years to come.

Once you’ve invested the time and money into having a liposuction procedure done, it’s likely that you’ll want the results to last for as long as possible. When you have your surgery at St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, Dr. Thomas Wright will let you know what you can expect before, during, after the treatment so you can maintain your new look well into the future.