preparation before surgery

Liposuction Procedure – Preparation Before Surgery

We offer all of our patients a set of guidelines and recommendations to follow before any procedure we provide. This ensures you can reduce the risk of any complications and ensure your procedure goes smoothly. With liposuction, it is especially important to follow these simple recommendations for good preparation before surgery:

Plan Ahead

It can be easy to overlook how your body will feel after your liposuction procedure. While most of our treatments are minimally invasive, they can leave you feeling sore depending on where the procedure occurred on the body. Prepare in advance by finding a ride home. We will make sure any friends or family members assisting you can wait comfortably for your procedure to end.

Check Your Medication

Certain medications can cause your body to bleed more easily. This includes aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and even herbal remedies. Make sure to avoid taking these medications at least 24 hours before your procedure. Prescribed medication is a bit trickier to manage, so make sure you discuss with your primary physician before making any changes.

Avoid Smoking

While the number of smokers continues to decline, it is imperative that any smokers avoid smoking in the days leading up to their procedure. Smoking can place increased pressure on your veins, making you more susceptible to bleeding during liposuction. Excess bleeding creates an increased risk of complications occurring during your procedure. Avoid these and stop smoking before liposuction.

Fast the Morning of Your Procedure

On the morning of your liposuction procedure, make sure you do not drink or eat anything. Your stomach needs to be empty during liposuction. We recommend not swallowing any water when brushing your teeth.

Get Your Free Consultation

Our free medical consultation will make sure your body is prepared for liposuction. Some individual’s bodies may not be ideal for the procedure. By receiving a medical consultation, you will be able to feel good about the procedure before it occurs. Make sure to share any important information during this consultation as it will help your physician prepare for the procedure.

Now You Are Ready for Lipo

By following these simple steps, you can ensure a safe and effective liposuction procedure. Call our offices today for your free consultation to make sure liposuction is right for you. Each of our physicians are highly trained and will make sure your safety is their number one priority.