Liposuction vs Body Sculpting

Are you considering a cosmetic procedure that can give you a slimmer profile and attractive contours? Have you been struggling with diet and exercise that are just not getting rid of those last pesky fat pockets? This is very common and many will turn to liposuction. However, you should understand that there is a difference between traditional liposuction procedures and body sculpting.

Traditional liposuction is used to get rid of large amounts of fat through a somewhat invasive procedure that is performed under general anesthetic. This procedure has essentially been replaced by newer, more advanced techniques that produce smoother results with minimally invasive procedures. Through these advanced procedures, such as tumescent liposuction, body contouring can be done much more easily and with less pain that with older techniques.

Before and After Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting Procedures

During an average tumescent liposuction procedure, a solution of saline, epinephrine, and lidocaine is injected into the treatment area. This solution will then loosen and dissolve the fat, which is then gently suctioned away using micro-cannulas. There are other non-invasive liposuction procedures that may involve freezing or heating up the fat, which can then be removed through cannulas or through regular bodily functions.

With non-invasive body sculpting procedures, the results can be far more refined than with older techniques due to the delicate nature of these procedures. Additionally, smaller areas, such as the chin, neck, and jowls can undergo these sculpting procedures.

Considerations for Body Sculpting

There are several things to take under consideration when choosing liposuction or body sculpting. Your individual anatomy can determine what procedure is best for you. For instance, if you have lost a lot of weight, you may need a sculpting procedure that will also help tighten up the loose skin. Other considerations include recovery times and cost. Also, you may not want to undergo several treatments to get to your desired results. All of these are major considerations and should be discussed thoroughly.

Consult A Professional for Options

At St. Louis Laser Lipo, we know that this is an important decision and we want to help you make an informed choice between liposuction vs body sculpting. Please call us to schedule a complimentary consultation during which we will discuss and explain the options available to you. We will help you make the best choice for you based on your individual goals and desired results. We always put your safety first, because we want to ensure your goals are met safely and effectively.