Lower Abdomen

Upper / Lower Abdominal Liposuction

Are you looking for a tight and toned tummy? Are crunches and planks just not getting the job done? Liposuction may be just what you are looking for.
The abdomen is prone to stubborn excess fat and is the most targeted area for liposuction. Most fitness experts will agree that to lose abdominal fat overall body mass index (BMI) will need to decrease. The challenge is that excess fat often still remains even after weight loss because of the location.
Here’s why fat in the abdomen is common:

  • Pregnancy – Most women never get back to their pre-pregnancy weight or shape.
  • C-Sections – Women that have undergone a C-section will have the classic bulge right above the incision. This can be strategically tackled with lower abdomen liposuction.
  • Obesity – Individuals that have previously suffered from weight gain will tend to have fibrous fat. Liposuction can be gently administered to remove excess fat in this region.
  • Age – It is very common for men and women to experience weight gain in the abdominal area as part of the ageing process.

The Solution

Liposuctionusing the tumescent technique safely and effectively removes fat cells permanently through tiny punctures (the size of a ball-point pen tip). Through these punctures, micro-cannulas are inserted into the subcutaneous fat layers, which allows for optimal fat cell removal. Patients are awake during the procedure, which allows Dr. Wright to re-position the patient to ensure symmetry.
Dr. Wright understands the different types of fat distributed throughout the body and is able to safely and effectively suction the fat to reveal a sculpted sexy and attractive mid-section in both men and women.
The first step to getting the shape you desire is to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Wright. We’ll discuss your medical history, goals and expectations,and what to expect during the procedure.
We’ll do a quick workout of our own, and when the session’s completed, you’ll earn the bragging rights of sweet success.

The Benefits of Abdominal Liposuction

  • Shedding fat through lipo can have tremendous health benefits including lowering your risk for cardiovascular diseases, decreased lethargy, improved energy, and lowers the risk of cancer and diabetes.
  • Many patients start a revolutionary journey to self-improvement in all areas of their lives just be starting with liposuction.
  • Many patients experience improved self-esteem and self-confidence which can improve an individual’s work and personal relationships.
  • Improve your shape today, all at an affordable price. Liposuction by Dr. Wright slims down targeted areas of the body that are hard to downsize on your own.

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