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Moderate to Severe Acne Treatment Options

There is nothing worse than putting time and effort into a well thought out skincare regimen and still being stuck with acne. Most individuals often think acne is a skin condition that only impacts teenagers and that it vanishes after puberty. However, acne is a common and occasionally serious skin condition that can impact millions of adults each day. Our office can help treat your moderate to severe acne with one of our simple and effective treatments. Here are our moderate to severe acne treatment options available for you:

Chemical Peels

Perhaps our most well-known acne treatments are chemical peels. This treatment can treat simple to severe acne while improving the texture of your skin. Don’t think chemical peels used for acne treatments are like the ones you find in your local spa, though; our chemical peels help exfoliate the skin and clear out your pores. Damaged skin tissue is removed, allowing the skin to turn over and begin to heal. We use chemicals such as Jesner’s Solution that make chemical peels a very effective treatment for moderate to severe acne.

Acne Extraction

Most of us have spent time in front of the mirror trying to pop those huge pimples on our face. More severe cases of acne need the entire blackhead or whitehead cleared out for proper healing. Our staff can safely remove all blackheads and whiteheads while preventing any further trauma from occurring in your skin tissue. We use sterile techniques that prevent any further acne scarring and inflammation from occurring. For the best results, we often combine acne extraction with chemical peels to treat larger areas impacted by acne.

Blue Light

We offer a selection of treatments that do not use antibiotics. Blue light treatment is one such treatment where Blue U, our blue UV light treatment, is applied to affected areas. This UV light helps remove acne-causing bacteria in the pores and halt the infection. Blue light treatment is best for moderate to severe acne and does not leave our patients with a lengthy recovery time, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your day.

Discover Your Next Acne Treatment Today

Do not let your moderate to severe acne get you down any further. Dr. Wright and his team will pair your skin condition with the appropriate treatment. Call today for your free consultation and see if one of our acne treatment options is right for your acne and can help your skin look its best. Contact us now!