Natural Acne Treatments

Our skin reflects our overall health. When we have beautiful, healthy skin, we feel so much better about ourselves. However, sometimes we can be plagued by whiteheads, pimples, and acne.

Acne and breakouts affect millions of people of all ages. The main cause of acne is genetics and hormones that can cause excess oil production, clogged pores, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Breakouts can happen on the face, back, chest, and other areas. Acne can also lead to scarring and lowered self-esteem.

Multi-Pronged Approach to Acne Treatment

There are natural, home remedies that can help mild acne. Everyone has different skin, but it is important to remember that acne must be treated with a multi-pronged approach—there is not a single remedy. However, there are some things that must be avoided as the first prong of treatment:

  • Picking or scratching your pimples/outbreaks
  • Over cleansing
  • Not giving your skin a chance to change with the new care plan
  • Not staying hydrated
  • Believing that only topical products are needed
  • Failing to treat acne from the inside and out

There are several other ways you can naturally treat your acne, but following these important guidelines is a good first step to treating acne naturally.

Gentle, Regular Cleansing

Gentle, regular cleansing (twice daily) is important to eliminating the pimples associated with acne. It’s interesting to note that over-cleansing can have an adverse effect by causing the skin to become irritated.


Using a skin toner is important in any skincare regime. It removes any leftover residue after cleansing and will help restore your skin’s pH levels. Apple cider vinegar is actually a great, natural toner, as it is packed with potassium, acetic acid, enzymes, and magnesium.natural toner ingredients


Certain natural facial masks should be used twice a week to help hydrate skin and fight the acne. You can find or even make your own natural masks with ingredients such as honey, yogurt, and cinnamon. These ingredients are known acne fighters.

Treating Severe Acne

While these natural remedies can help alleviate mild acne, it is often necessary to treat severe case of acne through medical treatments. It is important that your acne is properly diagnosed by a trained expert so that the best treatment option can be used.

If you are concerned about your acne or want to know more information, please call us to schedule a consultation with a St. Louis Dermatologist. We will discuss your individual case and the various treatments available. We want to help you get that healthy, vibrant skin!