Natural buttox augmentation

Natural Buttox Augmentation vs Butt Implants

Cosmetic butt procedures have been a hot trend for the past several years in the industry. Whether you are looking to increase the size or modify the shape of your butt, there is a procedure to help. The two most common types of treatments include natural butt augmentation, often called Brazilian butt lifts, and butt implants. While both may sound similar in name, they provide two very different results. Here is how natural butt augmentations and butt implants compare to each other:

The Procedures

Natural butt augmentation has become the most popular treatment option due to its safety and efficiency when it comes to the actual procedure. Fat tissue is removed from other areas of your body via liposuction before being carefully injected into your butt. Butt implant procedures involve surgically placing the implants in your butt, as the name describes. While butt implants provide a “plumper” appearance, they look less natural. Natural butt augmentations provide a natural appearance where others will not be able to tell you have had work done!

The Results of Natural Buttox Augmentation

Natural buttox augmentations provide the most natural looking results of any procedure. Fat tissue is carefully injected by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon into your butt, allowing you to have the size and shape you have always wanted. Our team, led by Dr. Wright, is fully trained in this popular treatment. We take the fat tissue from areas where you want to lose it, at such as your abdomen and waist. Your will be looking slimmer and achieving that wanted “hourglass” appearance. Butt implants simply do not provide as natural looking results as butt augmentations do.

Candidate for Natural Butt Augmentation

Most individuals are candidates for natural butt augmentations. The procedure is minimally invasive, which helps to shorten the recovery period. On the other hand, butt implants require a significant time to recover, as the surgical procedure to put in the implants is more invasive. Why put yourself through the pain of implants when natural butt augmentation provides a more natural looking result?

Choosing the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

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