Voluma Injections

Introducing Voluma. From the Allergan line of medical anti aging products comes a great new solution for appearance concerns. Juvederm Voluma is a revolutionary new injectable filler with all the things you’ve been wanting in a filler:

It can last up to five years, in most cases lasting at least two years without needing touch ups

It fills deep lines and hollows, or adds volume to areas where volume has been lost

It subtly adds dimension to the face

Dr. Wright is a skilled injector and uses injectibles beautifully

An older woman who experienced amazing results from her Voluma injections.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary


Lifting the cheek with Voluma injections provides a pretty apple-cheek, and also works to lift skin below the cheekbone that is folding from loss of collagen. The result is a gently lifted, long-lasting silhouette with restored youthful proportions. Facial contours are fuller and more plump, no longer displaying the sagging appearance before treatment.

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Woman who has significantly benefited from utilize some of the anti-aging products currently on the market.