permanent solution for eczema

Permanent Solution for Eczema

When it comes to skin conditions, there is one that impacts more Americans each and every year than anything else: eczema. This common skin condition impacts approximately 32% of individuals in the United States every year. Eczema causes breakouts of itchy, inflamed, and red skin. If left untreated, eczema can cause your skin to crack and form deep blisters. Try out these three easy and permanent solution for eczema:

Stay Moisturized

It does not get any easier than making sure your skin stays hydrated throughout the day. Make sure to start your day by applying moisturizers to your skin. Several different skin creams are currently on the market that target eczema. Keeping your skin moisturized is more than just applying lotion, though; cold and dry air can make our skin dry out and exacerbate your eczema. Make sure to cover up your arms and legs on cold and dry days to fight off any outbreaks of eczema.

Jump into the Bath

Another extremely easy way to fight off the symptoms of eczema is to take a bath. Taking a daily bath for 15 minutes can help your skin stay moisturized throughout the day. Make sure your bath water is as warm as you can make it. Adding additional bath ingredients such as oatmeal, baking soda, and even salt can help trap the moisture in your skin. Make sure to keep away any harsh soaps during your bath, as they will only reverse the positive effects and prevent your bath from being helpful.

Time for Phototherapy

While moisturizers and baths are easy ways to fight off symptoms of eczema, they are often only good for short-term benefits. Take the fight to eczema by starting a round of phototherapy treatment. This noninvasive treatment uses concentrated ultraviolet light to increase the level of vitamin D in your skin. Phototherapy works by breaking down outbreaks of eczema and reducing inflammation and itching. There is no reason why you should pass up on this quick and easy treatment.

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