How Photo Skin Rejuvenation Works

Dermatology treatments continue to see technological advancements, allowing patients to receive state-of-the-art procedures faster and easier. If your skin suffers from sun damage, hyperpigmentation, or rosacea, you may be the perfect candidate for photo skin rejuvenation. This state-of-the-art procedure uses an intense pulsed light to treat the listed conditions, along with red and blotchy skin. Here is some information for you to know when considering photo skin rejuvenation for your skin care needs.

How Photo Skin Rejuvenation Works

Photo skin rejuvenation might be unfamiliar to you, but its benefits are comparable to other dermatology treatments. This new procedure uses the intense pulsed light to penetrate the skin and restrict blood vessels and collagen that in turn reduces redness and facial lines. Other effects of aging skin that can be treated include skin discoloration and wrinkles.

This noninvasive treatment is quick and easy to receive and only has minor discomfort during the procedure; most procedures only take a few minutes, but it can take longer when treating larger areas. For facial treatments, patients are given eye protection, as the flashes of light are applied across your face. Results occur naturally in the weeks following the procedure.

Treatments are typically given every couple of weeks, depending on the patient’s recovery, with five procedures typically needed for maximum results. It is common to experience redness and swelling immediately following the procedure, but this should fade shortly. Patients should stay out of the sun for a few days following the procedure, as irritation can occur.

Photo Skin Rejuvenation Candidates

Individuals who have untanned and lighter colored skin are the ideal candidates for photo skin rejuvenation. Potential patients with darker skin, such as African Americans or Southern Europeans, can experience possible change in their skin pigmentation. Consulting with Dr. Thomas Wright and his team at St. Louis Lipo is recommended before settling on your next procedure.

How Much Photo Skin Rejuvenation Costs

Due to the recent development of this procedure, photo skin rejuvenation can be more costly than other dermatology treatments; however, it is less expensive than cosmetic surgery. One session of photo skin rejuvenation can have a price tag of around $500 for the session. More severe skin issues can also raise the cost, so check with Dr. Wright with a consultation to determine that photo skin rejuvenation is the right treatment for you. Dr. Wright and his team of professionals at St Louis Lipo are ready to help you with all of your cosmetic needs.