No more Plucking with Diolaze Laser For Hair Removal

St Louis Laser Liposuction Center- Diolaze LaserIf you’re dealing with unwanted hair there are many options for dealing with it including painstakingly plucking each and every hair each time it grows back, constant shaving while dealing with stubble and chafing, painful and expensive wax treatments, or laser hair removal to get rid of the unwanted hair once and for all. Diolaze Laser hair removal in particular has been growing in popularity because this procedure uses the latest laser technology to painlessly and easily rid any area of the body from unwanted hair growth even when it’s especially course or stubborn.

Diolaze Laser hair removal can be performed on any skin type or hair type though some patients may require more treatment sessions than others to enjoy optimal results. Some patients may be looking to treat a very small area of the body while other patients are hoping to benefit from Diolaze Laser hair removal on a larger surface area such as the back or both legs.

When a larger area is being treated, or if the hair is particularly course, patients should expect to undergo several treatments to target all of the hair effectively. Your doctor and/or laser hair removal technician will meet you during an initial consultation to discuss your hair removal goals and to assess how many treatments are expected to enjoy full, permanent results. Even hair that isn’t very course or that doesn’t cover a very large area will still require at least a couple of treatments as hair grows in different stages, so more than one session is needed to target the root of each follicle.

The treatment itself uses a handheld device which glides gently over the skin as a small laser is aimed at the root of each unwanted hair follicle. The laser zaps each root, killing the hair follicle and preventing any future regrowth. This process is completely non-invasive and virtually painless as the tool is equipped with a special “chill tip” to keep the process as comfortable as possible. Each session typically lasts no longer than half an hour which makes it easy for patients to schedule their appointments and return to work or their other typical daily activities right afterward without requiring any down time.

Patients of Diolaze hair removal may start to notice a significant improvement after just a session or two with full results becoming noticeable and fully permanent after several hair removal treatments have been completed.