St Louis Thigh Reduction: Remove Thigh Fat Quickly and Safely

Posterior / Lateral Thigh Liposuction

Localized fat deposits on the lateral thighs are stubborn to shed. Many women refer to this area as their “saddle-bags”. This thick fatty tissue area can make it necessary to wear slacks or dresses that are larger in size to accommodate the thighs. With dieting and exercise alone, the fat may not dissolve in this area. Overabundance in this area can be largely attributed to genetics and hormones and almost exclusively affects females. Thick thighs can make you feel nervous about wearing shorts, or even avoid intimacy. Thanks to posterior / lateral thigh reduction, you can get rid of fat thighs in just a few short hours.

Our thigh reduction procedure is usually combined with other areas of the thighs, which means sectioning each area strategically to achieve uniformity.

Benefits of Posterior / Lateral Thigh Liposuction

  • Have the natural slender thighs you have always wanted and can be proud to show-off.
  • Feel confident to wear the clothing you have always wanted too.
  • Eliminate shopping for two different sizes and the frustration of shopping to fit.
  • Get rid of fat thighs that are disproportionate to the rest of the body.
  • Get back to work in as little as two days.
  • No scarring with this minimally invasiveness virtually painless procedure.

female posterior thigh liposuction before and after female posterior thigh liposuction before and after

Thigh Liposuction: Before and After


  • Pair posterior / lateral thigh reduction with the anterior and inner thigh to achieve a beautifully sculpted slender silhouette.


  • Get Better Results – with a practiced surgeon. Get smooth looking thighs that remain proportionate with the rest of the legs.
  • Cost-friendly – makes liposuction accessible to all. Financing available through Care Credit.
  • Top Safety Ratings – check our status on safety. You’ll be impressed.
  • Minimally Invasive – this procedure is safe and virtually pain-free. Recovery time is quick 24 – 48 hours. We’re trained in keeping lipo simple.

female posterior thigh liposuction before and after female posterior thigh liposuction before and after

This self-improvement requires little energy on your part. Just pick up the phone to schedule your free consultation, and get rid of fat thighs today.

Get the skinny on slender thighs – no workout required. Call now.