Questions to Ask Your Liposuction Surgeon

Though there have been many advancements in liposuction surgery and techniques over the years, it’s still a serious procedure and you’re likely to invest a lot emotionally and financially into the process in the hopes of achieving a body you will be more comfortable with. This is why it’s so important to have a consultation with your surgeon prior to your liposuction treatment to make sure you have a clear understanding of the procedure itself, what your medical costs will be, and what kind of results you can reasonably expect.

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Patients are encouraged to take some time beforehand to consider all the questions and concerns they may have prior to their liposuction procedure and discuss them in detail with their doctor. Below are some helpful suggestions and questions you may want to ask your surgeon, as well as how these questions can help you learn how to prepare for liposuction :

Questions to Prepare for Liposuction Consultation

  • Which liposuction technique will be used; vibration liposuction, ultrasound liposuction, tumescent liposuction, or some variation thereof?
  • Which areas will be covered during my treatment and are they all included in the same price or do some of the areas cost an additional amount?
  • How much total fat will be removed during the procedure?
    Where will the procedure take place? Hospital, outpatient surgery center, or office based surgical suite?
  • Will there be additional cost for the Operating Room or a Facility Fee?
  • Can my surgery performed in an outpatient or office based surgical setting?
  • What will my procedure experience be like; will there be much pain? What can I expect in the days following the procedure?
  • What type of anesthesia will be used during my liposuction? General anesthesia, IV sedation, or local anesthesia and what is the difference between these options?
  • Will there be an additional cost for the anesthesia and the anesthesiologist?
  • How long is my downtime following the procedure?
  • What kind of hospital bills and medical expenses are typical with this procedure?
  • Is there additional cost for compression garments or other personal pre or post care items such as medication for bruising or scaring?
  • How much will this consultation cost me, if anything, and will future pre-op or follow-up appointments with you or your staff cost extra?
  • Are there any additional expenses that haven’t yet been discussed that I can plan for?

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After your consultation, and you ask all these questions to ask about your surgery, you should have a clear idea of what your entire liposuction procedure, including any hospital expenses, facility fees, or anesthesia fees, will cost in total. Don’t hesitate to make a more in-depth list of questions for your surgeon, or to be open about your concerns or hesitations about the procedure so he or she is able to put your mind at ease and give you a realistic picture of what to expect.

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Keep in mind, depending on the surgeon, different regions of the body may cost extra during a liposuction procedure, so you’ll want to ask about that upfront. For example, if you’re looking for liposuction of your abdomen, some surgeons may consider the upper and lower abdomen as separate areas, each at their own cost for full treatment.