How Safe Is The Brazilian Buttlift Procedure?



A Brazilian buttlift or Brazilian buttock augmentation is a procedure that can give you a more prominent and lifted derriere. Before natural butt augmentation procedures, butt lifts were generally performed using implants and/or other artificial fillers. The new Brazilian buttlift procedure is done through a “fat grafting transfer to the buttocks” procedure and has become very popular.

The Brazilian ButtLift Procedure

During a Brazilian buttlift, your own fat will actually be used to give you that bigger backside. Fat is harvested or extracted from areas of your body that have excess fat via a gentle liposuction technique. Because of this, this procedure actually provides two benefits: smoothing and contouring the harvest site and volume in the buttocks.

This harvested fat is then processed via a centrifuge to separate the fat cells and purify them. These cells are then reintroduced into the buttock area via tiny cannulas. The fat is injected at various depths throughout the buttock and thigh area to give a very natural, smooth result.

Risks and Safety of Brazilian Buttock Augmentation

Because your own fat is used for the procedure, the risks are far fewer than with traditional implant surgery. You will not be at risk for an allergic reaction or rejection issues. And of course, the results are far more realistic and natural than with artificial implants.

Of course, as with any medical or surgical procedure, there are possible complications or side effects. These can include:

  • Risk of fat embolism due to re-injection of fat
  • Small risk of infection
  • Numbness/pain
  • Complications due to liposuction
  • Asymmetry

Overall, the Brazilian buttock augmentation procedure is considered a safe and effective procedure. The risk fat embolism is rare and is usually associated with injection of fat into the gluteus muscles. Because of this risk Dr Wright does recommends transfer of fat only to the subcutaneous area of the buttock and no injection of fat into the muscles. The possible risks and other details will be fully explained and discussed during your consultation.

St. Louis Liposuction

Dr. Wright and his staff at St. Louis Laser Liposuction are exceptionally trained and experienced. Your safety and comfort during any procedure is always at the forefront.

Says Dr. Wright, “Patient safety is a driving force at my center. We do not want to cause any unnecessary risks or complications. We always discuss every step of every procedure. We also discuss the expectations, so that each patient is aware of just what the procedure can do.”

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