Liposuction Safety

To ensure the highest safety levels for our patients, Dr. Wright uses and centers all lipo surgeries on the tumescent technique. It’s a local anesthetic that presents significantly less risks than general anesthesia. According to studies, 1 in every 2,500 patients who use general anesthesia have fatal complications.

Woman who has undergone some of the most safe liposuction procedures on the market.A male who has chosen to undergo the safe liposuction procedures offered at our St. Louis clinic.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary

Top Advantages of Tumescent Technique:

  • No Hospitalizations
  • No Blood Transfusions
  • Lowered Risk of Bleeding
  • Minimized Risk of Infections
  • Less Chances of Serious Complications
  • And Speedy Recoveries

With tumescent techniques, you will remain comfortably awake during lipo. Why is this a plus? It gives you the ability to move, and, Dr. Wright the leeway to improve positions – for the most effective results possible. To add to this, if you feel any discomfort, you can tell us – and adjustments will be made.

Is Liposuction Safe? Dr. Wright Discusses


Tumescent Technique Is Less Painful Than General Anesthesia

Repeat lipo patients who have previously underwent general anesthesia compare tumescent techniques, and most prefer the latter – because it’s less painful. The surgery is relatively pain-free, as the selected area becomes numb, even though you remain awake.

Following surgery, the numbing solution also calms any discomforts that would be present, for up to 12 hours.

Risks of Liposuction Surgery

All surgery carries risks, and St. Louis liposuction isn’t exempted. We, however, go to great lengths to minimize common side effects. The most common side effects experienced by patients include swelling, numbness and mild to moderate pain. The tumescent solution will alleviate the symptoms for up to 12 hours, the time it takes these symptoms to subside.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the safety of liposuction, contact us for an evaluation. Dr. Wright will conduct a thorough assessment to discuss the amount of fat that can be treated, plus other details that are customized for you.

Risks of Liposuction and General Anesthesia

We do not use general anesthesia. The drugs that are used to produce general anesthesia are relatively dangerous compared to those used for local anesthesia. It is estimated that fatal complications associated with general anesthesia occur somewhere in the neighborhood between 1 in every 2,500 patients to 1 in every 10,000 patients. The severe complications associated with general anesthesia are eliminated as serious risk factors just by not using these medications. It is well recognized that local anesthesia is considerably safer than general anesthesia.

Is An Anesthesiologist Necessary?

We do not require the services of an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists are specially trained to use dangerous anesthetic drugs. Even with this expert training, dangers of general anesthesia persist. The safest approach is simply to avoid using these drugs altogether. An anesthesiologist is not necessary when dangerous general anesthetic drugs are not used, and when local anesthesia is the only anesthetic.

Risks and Safety of Liposuction

Risks of liposuction must be well understood by all prospective liposuction patients. This web site emphasizes the need to constantly be aware of safety issues. In order to minimize the risk of liposuction, the patient must be aware of the following facts:

Too much liposuction is an excessive volume of aspirated fat, or an excessive number of areas treated. Excessive surgical trauma (excessive liposuction) is dangerous and is an important cause for serious liposuction complications. Unrelated surgical procedures on the same day as liposuction are unnecessary. Prolonged exposure to anesthesia is dangerous and is an important cause for serious liposuction complications.

Woman preparing to undergo some of the safe liposuction procedures our liposucition center offers. The results after this woman underwent the safe liposuction procedures we offer.
Actual patient – Individual results may vary

Disfiguring skin irregularities and depressions are frequently the result of the surgeon’s inattention to detail. For example, if a liposuction surgeon attempts to do too much on a single day, and becomes fatigued, the result may be an inattention to detail, and undesirable cosmetic results.

The size of the liposuction cannula can influence the smoothness of the skin after liposuction. The use of large cannula tend to create irregularities more commonly than microcannulas (outside diameter less than 3mm). Dr Wright use only microcannulas, to perform liposuction, this technique is often referred to microliposuction.

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