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Safety Measures & Virtual Consultations

While you may be thinking that the COVID-19 health crisis has shut down the doors of cosmetic offices, we are happy to inform you St. Louis Liposuction is still here to assist you. This sudden crisis has completely changed the way cosmetic offices such as ours can continue to operate safely and provide you with the incredible service for which we are known. St Louis Lipo has elected to implement additional safety precautions such as increased sanitation and virtual consultations. These additional guidelines will help our patients and staff remain safe and continue to address your cosmetic needs.

Request a Virtual Consultation

Perhaps the biggest change to our daily routine here at St Louis Lipo is providing our patients with virtual consultations. Our doors continue to remain open but not all patients are recommended to stop by in person. If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or at an age where you are at greater risk for its symptoms, you will want to stay home for the foreseeable future. Just because you are in quarantine does not mean you cannot start the process for your cosmetic procedure.

Our patient consultations are thorough and make sure to cover all aspects of your wanted procedure. Our technicians will make sure you fit the profile of an ideal candidate before any treatment is started. If you do not fit the criteria for a certain procedure, it will not be recommended. Our virtual consultations can cover all of this from the safety of your computer. When setting up your initial appointment, simply let our staff know you want to do a virtual conference. Our staff will also make sure you are set up for the conference and know how to access it. We will also be addressing any respiratory complications including COVID-19 during your consultation to make sure you are in good health for the procedure. Expect the same level of care from our technicians but from the comfort of your own home.

Increased Safety Standards in the Office

For those who do visit us in person, we will be increasing the safety standards found in the office. The St Louis Liposuction Center has always been known for its cleanliness and high level of service. We will simply be increasing the sanitation to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our patients and staff. Please ensure you are following social distancing norms established by the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization. This recommendation asks individuals to stay at least six feet away from one another. COVID-19 can spread through a sneeze or cough and travel across the distance of six feet. If you do need to sneeze or cough, please make sure you do so in a tissue or your elbow.

Asking individuals to stand six feet apart is not the only change to our safety standards. Additional hand sanitizing stations will be set up near the entrance and other points around the office. By sanitizing our hands anytime we come into contact with frequently used surfaces we can stop COVID-19 from spreading nearby. Sanitizer wipes will also be available to clean off surfaces after they have been used. Our patient rooms have always been cleaned after each use. Now we will be increasing this cleanliness by wiping down all areas of the room. This includes wiping down countertops, exam beds, exam tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, chairs, and more. We will make sure you do not come into contact with a surface that has not been cleaned prior to you entering the room.

In addition to making sure all of our patients will remain safe in our office we will do the same with our highly dedicated staff. As mentioned, our in-person consultations and virtual consultations will start by asking about your respiratory health. If you have been diagnosed for COVID-19 or experiencing any of its symptoms you will be asked to reschedule your procedure. This will allow us to provide our services while you are in ideal health. Additionally, this will prevent our staff from coming in contact with COVID-19 or any other respiratory condition. Please ensure you are adhering to social distancing when at St Louis Lipo and following proper hand and cough hygiene when around others. The combination of virtual consultations and increased safety standards will make sure you can continue to receive the excellent care we provide to all of our patients.

Call Today for Your Virtual Consultation

Even in a health crisis, you need to look after your own personal needs. If you have been reviewing liposuction as a potential procedure, please give us a call to schedule your virtual consultation. We will review all aspects of the procedure with you and make sure you are the ideal candidate. St. Louis Liposuction will ensure the safety of your health whenever stopping in our office.