SaltFacial, The Revolutionary Treatment for Supple Skin

SaltFacial resultsYour skin is your first defense mechanism that protects your body. Unfortunately, your beautiful skin faces an onslaught of problems that diminish its natural beauty and softness. From the sun to the dust in the air, impurities and germs find their way in your pores and cause all kinds of skin conditions. Before you know it, your skin has lost its natural glow and becomes dry. You can try to cover it with makeup but that only aggravates the skin condition rather than improve it. What you need is a natural and safe skin treatment that brings the natural softness and suppleness back to your skin. SaltFacial is an American-made solution for all kinds of skin conditions including acne. It relies on natural elements to cleanse and nurture your skin back to health.

Sea Salt Exfoliation

To achieve great results, SaltFacial uses sea salt to cleanse your skin. Natural sea salt has many benefits not least of which the fact that it has no chemical additives. This is the first step in the therapy and it aims to remove any impurities in the skin which cause unwanted skin conditions. The sea salt, without being invasive, works its way under the layers of your skin and works on the cellular levels. This prepares your skin for the next step which nurtures and hydrates it. Sea salt has been used for centuries to remedy all types of skin conditions. Its benefits have been proven in different cultures. It doesn’t shock the skin or cause damage to it as other chemical treatments. It is also less invasive than mechanical exfoliation.

Replenishing Your Skin With the SaltFacial

Once the skin has been cleansed and all impurities have been removed, the next step of rebuilding the skin starts. This step involves using the SaltFacial aesthetic ultrasound technology. This safe step delivers topical formulations deep in the skin that both hydrates and enriches your skin into regaining its natural softness. This is why you tend to get faster results with SaltFacial than with other treatments. The three-step therapy ensures a smooth and fast healing process. The ultrasound also stimulates the skin and increases the oxygen production which in turn leads to better blood circulation. The final step uses LED wavelengths to regenerate skin cells faster. This all translates into healthy and shining skin that would make you look much younger than your real age.