The SaltFacial Procedure

Do you struggle with uneven skin tone or acne? Are wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, or sun damage distracting from your natural beauty? Where can you find the perfect treatment for your age spots and enlarged pores?

SaltFacial™ Skin Renewal Therapy is a new natural technique designed for softer more beautiful skin! This non-invasive patent-pending 3-step procedure is both effective and safe for all types of skin and will give you immediate results with no side effects!

This process draws impurities out of your skin while naturally hydrating and disinfecting at the cellular level. This treatment has been approved for acne treatment as well as several other clinical conditions.

Made in California, USA, a top international destination for health and beauty, your skin will look smoother, tighter, and younger after these three easy steps at your local dermatologist St Louis!

Restore the Texture of Your Skin with Natural Sea Salt

Step 1 of the SaltFacial procedure exfoliates with natural sea salt. Sea salt is widely known throughout ancient history for balancing alkaline levels and drawing out skin impurities. This process is gentler than a chemical peel and more effective than traditionally used mechanical exfoliation techniques. During Step 1, a hand-piece designed just for this process will gently abrade your skin with sea salt’s natural healing properties creating soft, healthy looking skin while also preparing your skin’s cells for the topical formulations in Step 2.

Renew with the Healing Powers of Ultrasound

Step 2 of the SaltFacial procedure uses safe and effective ultrasound technology to deliver hydrating and enriching topical formulations. Bringing the beneficial properties deep into your skin to accelerate healing, this process also stimulates and increases your skin’s O2 production. The optimal frequency of this technology promotes blood circulation to speed healing and enhances both the health and resilience of your skin. This calming process has been tried and tested to enhance the benefits of Step 1, and to best prepare your skin for the final step of your journey to more beautiful skin.

Awaken with LED Phototherapy Technology

Step 3 of the revolutionary SaltFacial procedure uses LED Phototherapy. Exposure to certain LED wavelengths has been shown in studies to create lightning-fast skin cell regeneration. The patent-pending 3 panel design allows the treatment to cover a large surface area. Four unique wavelength options mean that whether you are hoping to remove redness, improve the appearance of pigmented or vascular lesions, treat acne, or promote collagen production, SaltFacial LED Phototherapy is the best natural skin therapy option!

SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy has rave reviews from customers who have struggled with pigmentation and skin lightening. It is also an excellent therapy for collagen stimulation or post-surgical healing! You won’t believe the incredible results after just one procedure, whether you are hoping to minimize visible scars or want to freshen up for a big event. You will love your bright, fresh skin and feel both beautiful and refreshed post-treatment.

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