SmartLipo vs Coolsculpting

If you have been doing your research on what kind of procedures are best to get rid of fat tissue that regular exercise and dieting cannot target, you have probably heard of SmartLipo and Coolsculpting. Both of these treatments are extremely popular and produce the results patients want. Both SmartLipo and Coolsculpting are designed to help you get rid or stubborn fat tissue for those that are in generally good shape.

Similarities and Differences of Smartlipo and Coolsculpting

While both procedures help get rid of unwanted fat tissue, they are completely different. SmartLipo is a recently developed liposuction treatment that is less invasive than your traditional liposuction. This technique only requires a small incision through which fat tissue is removed through suction after laser technology helps melt it down. Coolsculpting, on the other hand, freezes fat tissue so the patient’s body is able to naturally remove it. Suction is also used in Coolsculpting to help move fat tissue in a general area. The treatment is complete after heat is drawn out of the fat tissue, allowing the body to naturally remove it.

Various Treatment Options

SmartLipo can be completed in one treatment making it convenient for patients who have a busy schedule. Coolsculpting on the other hand requires several treatments that are completed several weeks apart.

Targeting Specific Areas

SmartLipo and Coolsculpting are both designed to help remove fat tissue for patients who are in good health and consistently diet and work out. SmartLipo is a great treatment to remove larger pockets of fat tissue while Coolsculpting does well for more specific areas. Either way, both treatments are not designed to remove large fat tissue deposits.

The Right Treatment for You

Picking the right treatment for you is as easy as consulting with your cosmetic technician. SmartLipo only requires a small incision that can quickly heal while Coolsculpting has virtually no down time and can be done in as short as an hour. Both treatments provide incredible results and have proven results. We recommend our patients to consider the treatment costs with us when helping figure out which treatment is best for them.

Liposuction at St. Louis Lipo

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