Soon Available: Injectable Drug To Eliminate Double Chins

Soon Available: Injectable Drug To Eliminate Double Chins

The dreaded double chin is a characteristic that most people don’t seek to attain as an extra layer of fat gathers around the neck creating a wrinkle and bulge and what appears to be a second chin. Though modifying one’s diet can generally help alleviate any appearance of a double chin, others find that even when they’re fit and healthy, that extra fat just won’t disappear causing frustration and self-consciousness.

The Solution

However, there’s a new solution on the horizon for all those who have been dealing with unwanted neck and chin fat; a solution that doesn’t require cosmetic surgery. Usually, a surgical procedure was required to remove the fat pad and shorten the muscle underneath the jaw; but, a new drug which has been developed by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals and approved by the Food and Drug Administration may be the ultimate solution to the dreaded double chin. This new injectable drug, known as ATX-101, has been tested through nineteen clinical trials on a total of 2,600 people. As a pure, non-animal derived deoxycholic acid, it works to break down fat and disrupt the fat cells where they’re gathered. In under five minutes, the drug is administered, the fat cell’s membrane is burst, and the fat cells are destroyed permanently.

Patients who are interested in the procedure can visit their dermatologist or other skin-care physician to schedule a consultation. The procedure itself begins with tiny dots being drawn on the patient’s chin to guide the series of injections. This non-invasive procedure requires no more than two to three days for complete healing and there are no bandages necessary.

Though many patients will benefit from this simple and easy process, it’s not ideal for every patient. Patients who are experiencing a lot of excess skin below their chin or in their neck region in general are not the best candidates. In such instances the patient is suffering from more of a skin issue than a fat issue and may require cosmetic surgery instead. Those with elastic skin who are in relatively good shape otherwise will see the best results.

Let the Laser Lipo and Vein Center to Get Rid of your Double Chin

As this injectable drug becomes readily available, many patients will seek its administration to get rid of their double chin once and for all. Dr. Wright at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center will be pleased to offer this service to his customers who are looking to improve their appearance through modern medicine techniques. Call today for more information!