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Warts are one of those skin conditions that, though they are generally harmless, can be a nuisance to those that have them. They’re unpleasant in appearance and can be spread through contact with the wart or something that touches the wart or warts. Warts are typically skin-colored and rough to the touch, but they may be brown or gray and smooth as well. Warts are non-cancerous (benign) growths that can appear anywhere on the body and do so when the top layer of skin becomes infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV). You’re more likely to get this virus where you damage or cut your skin.

Overview of Warts

  • Benign growths caused by HPV

  • Many types of warts, including common, plantar, flat, periungual and more

  • Many people remove warts for aesthetic reasons

  • Plantar warts can be painful if not removed

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Who Can Get Warts?

Though anyone is susceptible to warts, they are more likely to occur in children and teenagers or people with a weakened immune system. More often than not, warts in children will disappear on their own without any necessary treatment. Because warts can often be uncomfortable in more ways than one (they cause embarrassment and self-conscious feelings, they can rub against clothing and cause pain) and because they are contagious in nature, dermatologist wart removal is often sought. If you have many warts, if they are not going away on their own, if they hurt, or if you simply don’t want to wait to see if they disappear, a dermatologist or skin specialist can remove the wart or warts in no time.

An example of the type of skin that could strongly benefit from our wart removal procedures.

Multiple Flat Warts

Typically, a skin specialist or dermatologist will be able to tell if you have a wart just by looking at it, but there are times when he or she may need to perform a skin biopsy to be sure. In the case of a skin biopsy, the doctor will remove the wart and sent it to a lab to be viewed under a microscope.

How to Treat Warts

There are several methods used for removing warts. The doctor may simply use an excision method in which the wart is cut out. Cantharidin may be used as an application that is “painted” onto the wart causing a blister to form beneath it, after which, about a week later, the dead wart can be clipped off. Cryotherapy is another common treatment method in which the wart is simply frozen off. This treatment is not painful, but it may require repeat treatments.

In the case of multiple or hard to treat warts, the doctor may use a chemical peel or laser treatment to rid the patient of their warts.

A common wart located on the patient's left thumb.
Common Wart on a Finger

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