Vein disease

Stages of Vein Disease

Most medical conditions are identified through various increasing stages of symptoms. The type of treatment can be different in each stage of the disease. Vein disease is no different with three different stages that are identified by medical professionals. Here is what you need to know about the various stages of vein disease:

Stage 1 – Spider Veins

The first stage of vein disease is often associated with symptoms that are not life-threatening or painful. The first and most noticeable symptom of vein disease is spider veins developing across your legs. Spider veins are only aesthetic and do not typically impact your health right away. Spider veins can make your skin flush and be simply treated with compression stockings.

Stage 2 – Varicose Veins

When vein disease progresses, it can bring forth another range of symptoms. The second stage of vein disease can see varicose veins start to develop around the impacted areas. Varicose veins differ from spider veins can cause feelings of heaviness and pain. Stage 2 of vein disease is when most individuals report that the condition begins to impact their everyday life activities.

Stage 3 – Leg Edema

Individuals will begin to notice a backflow of fluid in their veins during the third stage of vein disease called edema. Most patients will notice the swelling edema causes in the legs. The easiest way to relieve this symptom is to keep your legs raised throughout the day. Vein disease continues to be the leading factor of all leg swelling reports.

Stage 4 – Skin Discoloration

The third and final stage of vein disease usually begins with skin discoloration around the impacted areas. Your skin may start to appear red or brown when it did not before. Your skin will be more prone to injury and slower to heal.

Stages 5 & 6 – Leg Ulcers

The last two stages of vein disease are associated with venous ulcers across the impacted areas. Congestion in the veins prevents healthy blood flow in our legs allowing them to be prone to injuries. Stage 5 vein disease deals with healed venous ulcers while stage 6 deals with active ulcers. Venous disease is the leading cause of leg ulcers around the country.

Vein Disease Treatment with St Louis Lipo

If you have started to see any of the symptoms associated with a stage of vein disease contact the offices of the St Louis Lipo immediately. Our highly trained staff led by Dr. Wright has treated thousands of patients for vein disease with complete patient satisfaction. Call today for your free consultation and see if we can help you with your vein disease.