The NeckTite Procedure

While many of the areas that are affected by age can be hidden or disguised by the strategic use of clothing or make-up, the neck is a different matter. Turtlenecks or scarves can be used in the cooler months to hide loose, sagging skin, but who wants to wear extra clothing when the hottest days of the year arrive? Surgery can help with the issue, but not only can it be prohibitively expensive, it requires going under general anesthesia, a lot of pain during recovery, and can take months to fully recuperate from. The NeckTite procedure, however, is an alternative option to invasive surgery, and thanks to advances in medical technology, can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Radiofrequency Waves are the Answer

Using technology that has been used in MRI’s for decades, the NeckTite procedure uses radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen growth as it tightens loose skin and smooths away the “turkey waddle” that shows our real age, even when our face does not. Taking about two hours from start to finish (this includes wait time for the anesthesia to take affect and pre- and post-op procedures), results start to appear immediately, but there will be redness and swelling that will dissipate within a week or so. The patient can resume normal life activities within three or four days of having the procedure and can return to work in about a week, barring no complications.

NeckTite is also a popular option for removing a double chin or reducing the appearance of the jowls that age us even further. And because it is the gift that keeps giving, the stimulation of collagen from the procedure will continue to show new results for up to a year. The immediate results are wonderful, but the ones that become apparent a few weeks or months down the line will take your breath away. Imagine waking up each morning and feeling excited about seeing the face in the mirror that has seemed like a stranger for a very long time; the NeckTite procedure can help you become friends with yourself again!

The Aging Process Isn’t an Easy One

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