Three Common Skin Problems Every Man Faces

Many men face different problems with their faces’ skin. Often, men find themselves at a loss when caring properly for their skin. Some are rugged outdoorsmen, exposing their skin to the elements. Others may expose their skin to the city’s pollution and other environmental factors. These things along with other issues such as cuts, scrapes, and the sun that puts the delicate facial skin under assault.

Here’s a look at three very common skin problems many men face.


Contrary to popular belief, those annoying acne and pimple outbreaks don’t stop at puberty. While those out-of-control hormones during your youth were probably the primary cause of skin outbreaks, as an adult your skin can breakout due to humidity, sweating, stress, and some medications.

There are several treatments available to control these flare-ups. Depending upon the severity and cause of the acne, treatments can range from over-the-counter topical creams to light treatments administered by a doctor.

Razor Burn

Razor burn can range from a mild case that means a couple of hours of discomfort and a red face, to as serious as an irritating rash complete with pimples or infected blisters that can last for days. Most men have conquered the proper way to shave; however there are things that can be done to prevent an annoying razor burn. First, use warm water to wash your face prior to shaving. Always use and lubricant and a new, sharp blade.

If you already have razor burn, the sting can be alleviated with an aloe-based cortisone cream. Also, aftershave that contains vitamin E can reduce the redness and calm the skin.


Common sunburns are a result of the skin’s exposure (or overexposure) to UV radiation. Some men may not burn as badly as some, especially those with more melanin in their skin; while other, more fair-skinned individuals can burn even in the dead of winter.

Sunburn is more about prevention than anything else. Strategies to prevent sunburns including using sunscreen and wearing protective clothing. Preventing sunburns can also prevent later skin problems such as early wrinkling, and even skin cancers.

Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director of Laser Lipo and Vein Center, says, “Men suffer many of the same common skin issues that women do. As such, they are becoming more and more aware of proper skincare, as well as procedures and treatments which can give men healthier, youthful looking skin.”

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