Lip Enlargement

Top 3 Lip Enlargement Treatments

Lip enlargement treatments are one of the more common cosmetic procedures currently available that can help make your lips more plump and noticeable. Treatments are typically fast, with most patients having a very little downtime. Like other cosmetic procedures, there are different kinds of treatments available that are considered to be lip enhancements. Here are the top three lip enhancements currently available:

Surgical Lip Enlargement Treatments

The shape and volume of your lips can be surgically altered for a look you have always dreamed of. Lip enlargement surgeries such as a lip tuck are available to modify your upper and lower lips while reducing the look of wrinkles around the lips. The results of surgical procedures are permanent, with several weeks needed to fully recovery from the operation. Most common side effects are swelling, bruising, and redness during this time period. General anesthesia is commonly used with some scarring left behind from the operation.

Fat Graft

Other lip enhancement treatments involve grafting fat tissue from other parts of your body to provide a more natural look to your lips. Your lips will have a more natural feel as well and have permanent results. However, fat grafts can be difficult for the fat tissue to settle in your lips, sometimes requiring follow up treatments to achieve the looks you want. The fat tissue is usually pulled from higher fat areas such as your thighs or abdomen.

Lip Injections

The most popular lip filler on the market for both patients and cosmetic surgeons are lip injections, more specifically hyaluronic acid lip fillers. These kinds of lip injections have different fillers that can achieve different results. For those looking for subtle enhancement, Volbella can achieve those results while also filling in wrinkle lines. Vollure is used for moderate enhancement, while Ultraplus provides the greatest enhancement. Lip injections can be administered within minutes and most patients can return to most everyday activities; in fact, most patients come in during their lunch breaks for a quick visit. Lip fillers do not provide permanent results and follow up injections will be needed. However, this procedure is noninvasive, so you do not need a significant recovery time.

Choosing St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

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