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Top 5 Reasons to Get Kybella

The chin is one of the face’s many pesky areas where unwanted fat can build up and be difficult to reduce. It is common for someone to feel self-conscious with a build-up of chin fat and be unable to remove it with exercises that individually target this area. Kybella is a fantastic treatment that is designed to reduce your chin fat without the risk of certain fat removal procedures. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider Kybella for treating your chin fat.

FDA Approved

The difficulty with certain cosmetic procedures is that some are not FDA approved, which can turn off those who believe it is unsafe. While that notion is certainly not true, as each professional is medically trained for each procedure, you do not have to worry any further with Kybella, since it is FDA approved. Kybella is the only current FDA approved procedure to remove chin fat and has been scientifically tested for your safety.

Enjoy the Results

Some fat reduction procedures can have minimal results and require additional treatments. Kybella does not require any follow-up treatments, since the procedure actively destroys the fat cells. Your chin will not be able to store or build up fat as it did previously once you have gone through Kybella.

Treat Various Amounts of Fat

Alternative fat reduction treatments such as liposuction can only target specific amounts of fat, but Kybella is different. This great procedure can be used to treat any amount of fat stored in the chin and is great for both men and women. You will not be told that you have too much fat stored in your chin with this great treatment.


Kybella so far has been compared to several fat reduction techniques in its FDA approval, results, and treatment options for positive reasons. Another reason to add to the list is its non-invasiveness. This fast and easy-to-receive procedure won’t leave scarring or other unwanted side effects. You will feel safe without a care receiving Kybella.

Get Back on Your Feet Faster

Finally, Kybella won’t leave you worrying about how long your face will be out of commission. The treatment may leave temporary redness or swelling in the face, but you can return to your normal routine immediately without you having to worry about recovery time. Give the professionals at St Louis Lipo a call today and ask if Kybella is the right procedure to remove your unwanted chin fat.