Top Procedures to Help You Look Younger

When it comes to helping you look younger, there are a variety of cosmetic procedures that can do the trick. Some procedures can be quickly done with results noticeable in a short amount of time; some procedures may require some recovery time before those results start to show. Here are some St Louis plastic surgery procedures to help you combat the signs of aging:

Injectable Treatments

We notice the signs of aging in our face first and foremost. One way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is by injectable treatments such as Botox. This cosmetic procedure helps the muscles in your face to relax and stop contracting, which smooths wrinkles. Most treatments can be administered in as little as 10 minutes, making it possible to get them during your lunch break. We recommend getting Botox around the forehead, eyebrows, mouth, and crow’s feet area.

Injectable Fillers

Age can also be seen in the face by a loss of volume in areas that were once full, like your cheeks. Injectable fillers can be used to fill areas like your cheeks, forehead, and jawline with immediate results. Most injectable treatments such as Botox and fillers are temporary and need eventual maintenance to maintain these incredible results with further St Louis plastic surgery procedures.


Not only does age show in our faces, but also in our abdomen. The older we get, the harder it is for our metabolism to work the same way it did when we were 21. Individuals who diet and exercise regularly can still have difficulty losing weight on the abdomen. Perhaps the most commonly known cosmetic procedure is liposuction. Liposuction procedures are now minimally invasive and make it easier on the body to lose unwanted fat tissue while contouring the overall shape into something more desirable. Our SmartLipo technique uses radiofrequency energy to “melt” down fat tissue that is removed from a tiny incision by suction.

St Louis Plastic Surgery Procedures – Tummy Tuck

For more extensive needs around the abdomen, a tummy tuck or liposuction combined with a skin tightening procedure such as Bodytitemay be recommended for you. Sagging skin around the abdomen due to age or after pregnancy can only be taken care of with this more invasive procedure. With a tummy tuck in St Louis, excess skin and fat tissue are removed through several incisions on the abdomen, which may take a few extra weeks to heal up. The Radiofrequency energy of BodyTite can give up to 2/3 of the skin tightening of a tummy tuck.

Look Younger with the St.Louis Laser Liposuction Center

Look for these incredible plastic surgery procedures and more at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center. Our knowledgeable staff led by Dr. Wright will help you look and feel younger again. Call today for your no-obligation consultation and see if these treatments are right for you.