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Top Reasons for Botox on Lips

This past year has seen an increase in popularity for easy-to-use injectables for a variety of cosmetic procedures, with one being the Botox Lip Flip. Fortunately for you, the hype for fuller, plumper lips through simple procedures with Botox is real! Now is the time for you to have those sexy, pouty lips that all of the famous celebrities have. The procedure is safe and simple to receive when under the care of the right physician. Here are a few important details for you to know when considering Botox  for your lips.

Top Reasons for Botox

There are several cosmetic procedures available to help make your lips look even sexier, with the top procedures being Botox and lip fillers. Lip fillers are exactly what they sound like: some type of hyaluronic acid-based filler that is injected into the lips for that “fuller” appearance. Botox instead relaxes the muscles around the upper and lower lips to flip them outward just slightly to give a sexy, pouty look. The best part is these procedures take less than a minute to administer! Most cosmetic surgeons are well-trained and board-certified in the procedure. Botox is the procedure for you if you want to actually change your lips to make them look even sexier without all of the artificial fillers.

Effects of Botox on the Lips

Any cosmetic procedure will have potential side effects that patients need to consider. Botox does not impact muscle functionality if administered correctly. However, when you use too much Botox, it can impact your mouth through limitation to movement. Making sure you visit board-certified professionals who understand the short, yet complicated procedure can avert potential negative side effects such as these!

Why You Should Get Botox

Using Botox to obtain the sexy and pouty lips you have always dreamed of has never been easier! While Botox can be obtained for self-injections, it is strongly recommended that you visit a board-certified professional who is trained in the procedure to avoid any unwanted side effects. At St. Louis Lipo, we are highly qualified to administer this treatment.

Treatments are short and simple and leave your mouth feeling great! Botox will not leave your lips full of artificial fillers that only swell up your lips; Botox will actually change the shape of your lips to look like any of your favorite models. Now is the time for you to get the sexy lips you have always been dreaming about. Consult with St. Louis Lipo today to see if Botox is the right fit for you!