prevent skin cancer

Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

When spending time under the sun, it is always important to take precautions to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays that can cause skin cancer. Here are the best ways to prevent skin cancer from developing:

Wear Protective Clothing to Prevent Skin Cancer

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be stopped by wearing appropriate clothing when out in sunny weather. Long sleeve clothing and pants may not seem like the most comfortable attire in the summer but can be a lifesaver for your skin. Do not forget to wear your sunglasses and hat to help your eyes as well.

Stay in the Shade

Wearing clothing can only do so much, as you cannot cover every single inch of your body. An easy solution is to hang out in the shade when outside.

Be Careful Around Reflective Ground Cover

Many people are unaware that ultraviolet rays can reflect off snow and water. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing and plenty of sunscreen. This can also be important when skiing in high elevations.

Wear Sunscreen

As mentioned, wearing sunscreen is especially important. Apply your sunscreen whenever outside during the summer. Sunscreen should also be applied even on cloudy days, as ultraviolet rays will still pierce through the clouds. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on forgettable areas such as the top of your feet and all around your face. This is one of the easiest ways to help prevent skin cancer.

Avoid Tanning Salons

While the draw of having perfectly tanned skin may be tempting, tanning beds use ultraviolet light to achieve these results. This can cause premature aging of your skin and eventually skin cancer. If you are looking for that tan look, try using self-tanning lotions while applying sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.

See Your Dermatologist

One of the most important habits helps prevent skin cancer is making regular visits to your dermatologist. You may not be a skincare expert, but your dermatologist is. Annual checkups can help you avoid any unwanted developments. Even if skin cancer is detected during your checkup, it can be more easily treated when detected early.

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