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Top Ways to Work Off the Holiday Weight

Each year the holidays roll through, and with them comes all of the guilty pleasures of decadent meals and desserts that are impossible to say no to. But at the end of the holiday season comes the dreaded new year, and with it, resolutions to work off that newly found holiday weight. We have all been there, struggling to find the best way to get rid of that unwanted gut. Here are the top ways you can work off that unwanted holiday weight and look fit just in time for spring!

Burn Those Calories

Technology makes it so easy nowadays to track what we eat and determine how many calories are in each of our meals. The first priority for burning that unwanted body fat is creating a calorie deficit, or by burning more calories throughout workouts than what you intake each day. This process is difficult at first, but becomes more manageable as it is incorporated into your daily routine.

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

No better workout is designed to burn large amounts of calories better than cardiovascular exercise. And once that calorie deficit has been created, you will be able to burn off stores of fat in the body, especially in your gut. Get creative with your cardio exercise with sporting activities such as biking, swimming, hiking, and running.

Try Some Weightlifting

A big myth in the health industry is that weightlifting is only for those looking to gain weight. Well, that is simply NOT true! Gaining muscle will replace that stubborn fat and speed up your metabolism. Not only will your body look leaner, it will also weight less, too. Add weightlifting to your workout routine to help get rid of that holiday gut!

Time for Liposuction

Burning calories and working out more are the ideal method for weight loss when time is not of the issue. However, for those who are unable to dedicate the time or have physical restraints preventing heavy workouts, liposuction may be a convenient option. Liposuction may not remove large yields of weight at a time, but it can contour the figure perfectly, making just a few pounds of weight removal look like 50 pounds or more! Liposuction is also recommended for any patient who is close to their ideal weight and looking for greater body toning. With technology constantly improving, liposuction is becoming even safer to administer with properly trained cosmetic surgeons. Contact St. Louis Lipo today and see if liposuction is the right weight loss procedure for you!