How to Treat Lipedema with Tumescent Lipo

TreatmentLipedema_Calves_St Louis Laser Liposuction CenterLipedema patients are often subject to constant teasing, jokes and memes, but onlookers should know that this is caused by a medical condition, rather than lifestyle choices.

The condition is marked by lumpy and disproportionate layers of fat in either the lower half of the body, or in the arms and legs – in about a third of all patients.

The Stages of Lipedema

  • First Stage – the fatty layer thickens, but the skin still remains smooth.

  • Second Stage – the fatty layer becomes more visible, and in this stage, the arms and legs may dimple or appear disproportionate.

  • Third Stage – Lipedema becomes even more disconcerting for patients, as the subcutaneous layers of fat become prominent, protruding, and cumbersome to tolerate.

In addition to thickened and increasing fatty layers, patients may often experience bruising, pain, and general discomfort with progressing Lipedema.

Family Clustering

Studies have depicted that individuals who have first or second kin with Lipedema stand at a roughly 16% chance of acquiring the symptoms of the disease. In most cases, Lipedema affects women, but men can be prone to the disease too – based on genetics. Fortunately, there are treatment options, to feel and look lighter.

Furthermore after treatment of Lipedema, many patients report improved self-confidence and self-esteem. Learn more how tumescent liposuction solutions are helping patients with Lipedema throughout the nation below.

Don’t Stomach the Fat

Lipedema is often dubbed the two-body syndrome, the painful fat syndrome, or the swollen fat syndrome. It’s often confused with obesity and other common conditions, but one thing’s for sure: patients with Lipedema often feel depressed and unattractive as a result of the symptoms.

Some of the treatment options for Lipedema include tumescent lipo, which minimally invasively breaks down the fat, and removes these permanently from targeted areas, where diet and exercise don’t work.

The predominant benefits of tumescent lipo over other treatment plans, like manual lymphatic drainage for instance, is that more volumes of fat can be removed safely.

Manually lymphatic draining only reduces this fat by approximately ten percent.

Furthermore, tumescent liposuction is considered to be safe, and requires little downtime. It is considered to be relatively pain-free, with minimal risks of scarring. The tumescent liposuction is considered to be a gentler alternative to general anesthesia.

If you suffer from Lipedema and would like to transform your life, ask your doctor whether tumescent lipo is right for you.