Dermapen for Lines, Scars and Stretch Marks

Significant and meaningful transformation is one of the key characteristics the human body enjoys. A prime example of an organ with amazing transformative abilities is the skin. While the skin we are born in is designed to protect us from external forces and elements, it remains flexible enough to change with us through various phases of life. Some of these moments of significant transformation happen during pregnancy, as the result of injury, a period of noticeable weight loss and even in response to the natural aging process.
While aging, childbirth and weight fluctuations are traditionally viewed as natural changes these occasions leave the skin stretched and released at a heightened rate which can result for both men and women in the development of lines, scars and stretch marks that don’t fit in with the aesthetic they hope to enjoy for the long-term.
Advancements in the field of cosmetic alterations mean that patients looking to reduce or reverse the effects of fine lines, scars and stretch marks have more options than ever to do so. The Dermapen treatment has gained great popularity amongst patients looking to regain youthful looking skin that’s free of lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, and even tattoos.

An Innovative Micro-Needling Approach

Dermapen is appreciated by patients and physicians alike for its ability to topically treat issues with origins below the surface of the skin. As a micro-needling technique, Dermapen helps with skin regeneration in areas of the body where elastin and collagen levels have suffered over time. Micro-needling allows a physician to create miniature puncture points across the surface of the skin which encourages the body to begin naturally healing itself. Multiple Dermapen treatments have shown to have a visible and positive effect for patients aiming to regain skin that is smoother, brighter and firm.

How the Dermapen Treatment is Administered

Patients who elect Dermapen to treat everything from fine lines to wrinkles, scars and stretch marks often do so in large part thanks to the ease and convenience the procedure is known for. As an out-patient procedure, Dermapen takes less than an hour to complete and can be done right in the physician’s office. Numbing cream can be applied to the treatment site for those patients with particular sensitivities but many patients will choose to forego this step altogether. With treatment areas marked, the Dermapen hand-held device is moved over the surface of the skin, creating puncture points as it travels along. This micro-needling technique is then followed up with a hydrating serum application to cool the area and promote more rapid collagen production.

What to Expect After Treatment

It is common for patients who have undergone Dermapen treatments to see noticeable results seven to 14 days after it has been administered. While patients have the option of electing a single session, for the majority of patients, successful results will be dependent on a series of sessions that are spaced out over the course of four to six weeks. It’s important to allow plenty of time for skin to heal and rejuvenate before additional micro-needling is performed.

Safety Considerations

Whether a patient chooses Dermapen to remove evidence of scarring, tattoos or fine lines and wrinkles, it is consistently an outpatient procedure and as such, remains free from the risks associated with long recovery periods, hospital stays or the use of general anesthesia. The risk of infection is greatly reduced with the minimal downtime associated with Dermapen. For those patients that experience swelling or minimal redness at the treatment site, physicians will often recommend keeping up with over the counter medications as needed. These symptoms often disappear within a day or two following treatment.


The versatility of Dermapen to treat everything from scars and wrinkles to tattoos and stretch marks makes it a popular choice in the cosmetic world, but it also means that cost variations are drastic and fluctuate from patient to patient. The time and number of sessions required to treat fine facial lines with Dermapen will most likely be minimal in comparison to treatment plans for those with severe stretch marks or extensive tattoos.

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