Bellafill Dermal Fillers for Acne Scars

Woman who may be interested in the Bellafill dermal fillers we now offer.
For many, suffering with acne scars can be an emotional experience. You may suffer from self-esteem issues brought about by these scars. For decades, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have sought a more effective solution to treat acne scars. Previous treatments included lasers and certain dermal fillers. With laser treatments, it can be a slow and sometimes painful procedure with lengthy downtimes. Fillers only provided a temporary solution, as the scars reappeared when the filler ingredients broke down.

A New and Different Filler: Bellafill

A new dermal filler called Bellafill is now available to help with acne scarring. It is considered far more effective — and longer lasting — that other dermal fillers. Bellafill is different due to several factors: ingredients and effectiveness vs. deep acne scarring.

Bellafill is designed using two different and effective ingredients. The first is bovine collagen, which will not breakdown and instantly fills in the scars. Next, small PMMA beads are also an essential part of Bellafill. These tiny beads do not break down, and also help reproduce essential collagen. Essentially, with Bellafill, the body will absorb the collagen in the first stages, after which the PMMA beads remain to give volume to the area and help reproduce collagen.

Another great benefit of Bellafill is its long-lasting efficacy. The fact that Bellafill remains effective far longer than other fillers makes it the best option for using dermal fillers for acne scars. However, one of the biggest benefits of Bellafill over other fillers is that it can be used to treat deep, severe acne scars. Lasers can be effective on shallow scars, but by combining laser therapy and Bellafill, patients with more severe scarring can receive better results.

The Bellafill Procedure

The Bellafill procedure is rather simple. First, you will undergo a skin test to rule out any possible allergic reactions, as Bellafill contains collagen. This skin test is usually done about two weeks prior to treatment. The scars are then treated using a small needle to release the scars from the “tethers” that hold them in place. The scars are then filled with Bellafill.

You will experience near-immediate improvements. During the next few weeks, the collagen will dissipate, while the beads remain to provide long-lasting volume and plumpness. The beads will also continue to help create new collagen.

Says Dr. Thomas Wright of St. Louis Lipo, “My staff and I consider Bellafill to be great alternative for treating acne scars. We find that it is effective and long lasting.” If you are interested in more information about Bellafill, please give us a call and we will schedule a complimentary consultation.