Treatments for Skin Blemishes

Our skin protects our bodies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is under constant barrage from the elements, including UV rays, freezing temperatures, pollution and more. As our skin does all it can to keep us safe, it can develop noticeable skin conditions known as blemishes. While not dangerous, skin blemishes can easily ruin your look and hurt your self-confidence. Dr. Wright is an experienced dermatologist who offers a variety of treatments for skin blemishes to get rid of your unwanted skin blemishes, including acne, acne scars, warts, and even moles.

Treatments for Acne

We have all experienced acne at some point in our life. This skin blemish is common during adolescence and can plague some even into adulthood. Those who unfortunately continue to deal with acne as adults can seek out treatment. Our treatments can help reduce your acne breakout and even get rid of entirely. Our treatments are minimally invasive so you can get your treatment before continuing on with the rest of your day.

There are a variety of treatments that are perfect in getting rid of your acne. Our ultraviolet light treatments can help reduce your acne by getting rid of the bacteria found below your skin. These bacteria are responsible for most acne outbreaks. This treatment can help reduce some common symptoms of acne including irritation and inflammation. Another incredible procedure that can get rid of your acne outbreak is a chemical peel. One way to help treat acne is by exfoliating your skin. A specific solution is used for acne as opposed to those looking for deeper peels. This solution will your skin looking great while cleaning out your pores.

Not all acne treatments are designed to clear out your pores. Occasionally acne can continue to build up and create blackheads or whiteheads, basically bigger forms of pimples. These are what you usually pop at home in the mirror and leave your skin even more irritated. We can safely get rid of these whiteheads and blackheads without causing any more trauma to your skin. Don’t let severe acne get you down.

Treatments for Acne Scars

If you pick at your acne or let it go untreated, it can cause even further damage to your skin in the form of acne scarring. This type of scar tissue is like other scars and leaves permanent damage on your skin. Treating acne scars is as simple as moisturizing your skin or filling in any missing tissue. Acne scar tissue can show up as indentations as your skin will be devoid of essential collagen your skin needs to remain soft and flexible.

Most treatment plans start with a topical solution that will help moisturize your skin. Scar tissue is most noticeable when it causes swelling and discoloration on the skin. Our topical solution will help give your skin much needed nutrients and vitamins. Unfortunately, topical solutions will only work for very mild cases of acne scars. For more aggressive cases we can prescribe a treatment plan with more permanent changes. We offer a variety of laser treatments that can help get rid of acne scar tissue. One form of laser treatment is by using the lasers to remove the scar tissue from your skin. Others work by heating up the layers of tissue under your skin. This will help create more collagen in the skin leaving it feeling soft. This type of laser treatment can treat any scar tissue indentations by naturally having collagen fill in the spaces.

Other Treatments for Skin Blemishes

While treatments for acne and acne scars may be some of the most popular skin blemish treatments, they are not all we can provide. Other forms of skin blemishes including warts and moles are other blemishes we can easily treat. Removing moles may seem unimportant first but it is important to know that they can lead to more serious skin conditions. We can remove moles easily in our office and in a safe environment. The same can be said for warts. These skin blemishes are skin growths that are primarily caused by HPV. Warts are rough and can appear practically on any part of the body. Medication can be used to treat warts, but it is often ineffective. We can remove any wart with surgery or cryotherapy, a type of treatment that will freeze the wart making it easier to remove. The bottom line is that there is no skin blemish too big or too small to be treated by Dr. Wright and his team.

Your Skin Treatment Center

Do not let skin blemishes get you down and instead seek out treatment available from Dr. Wright and his team. We start with a free consultation and create an individualized treatment plan to tackle what you need done. Call today and get ready for a clear face with our skin blemish treatments.