Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy for spider vein treatmentSpider veins are often occur in those approaching middle age, those struggling with obesity or in pregnant women, but more often than not spider veins are hereditary and appear as fine, blue or purple little veins on the legs and ankles. Poor circulation and added pressure on the feet and legs can cause stress and result in spider veins which are often embarrassing for those who have them. Spider veins can cause restless legs and feet, tingly sensations and fatigue of the legs and if not treated, these circulation problems can lead to more serious side effects including blood clots.

Treatment of spider veins should be handled by a vein specialist who can help reduce the side effects of spider veins and in many cases, remove them completely. One of the most effective spider vein treatments is known as “ultrasound guided sclerotherapy”. This treatment uses ultrasound technology to help the technician or doctor pinpoint with exactness the small veins that have become irritated and are having trouble with circulation so that these veins can be closed up without damaging the surrounding veins or skin.

Before undergoing ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, patients should meet with their vein specialist to examine their spider veins and how large of a surface area they cover. Your vein specialist can help providing realistic expectations for post-treatment results and what to expect during the procedure.

The ultrasound guided sclerotherapy begins with the technician using the ultrasound tool to find each spider vein and then carefully inject medication into each damaged vein. This medication prompts the damaged vein to close up so that the blue-ish color is no longer visible beneath the skin once the area has healed. This minimally-invasive process is virtually painless and can usually be completed under an hour (though treatment times will depend on how large the treatment area covers). There is no lengthy downtime required with ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and most patients are able to resume their daily activities immediately following treatment though it’s advised that patients avoid strenuous exercise and full lengthy sun exposure until the area has fully healed.

Though many patients may be able to enjoy full results after only a session or two of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, others may require several follow up treatments to ensure that all the spider veins have been properly treated. Your vein specialist will be able to give you recommendations based on your personal circumstances.