Unexpected Places You Can Get Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is most recognized to develop along the face or arms since these areas are most exposed to UV rays from the sun. However, many may not know that skin cancer can develop in other areas of the body that can be unexpected. Here are the unexpected places you can get skin cancer:


Skin cancer can develop on your scalp in more extreme cases. Many dermatologists recommend wearing a hat if you have a lighter-toned hair color or thinning hair. If you have any of these hair types, your scalp can be more susceptible to UV rays and develop skin cancer later in life. Older men can easily develop skin cancer here if they have lost most of their hair up top. A good rule of thumb is to always wear a hat when you are under the sun for long periods of time.


Your lips are another area on your face that are not thought of when developing skin cancer. Lips get just as much sun as the rest of your face and need to be taken care of. Luckily, most lip balms now contain some kind of UV protection.

Inner Ears

Your parents probably told you to cover your ears with sunscreen when you were young. Just like the outer area of your ear, the inner parts can just as easily develop skin cancer. While it can be difficult to cover the inner parts of your ear with sunscreen, they can be shaded with a hat.


Our buttocks are just as prone to skin cancer as other parts of our lower body. If you frequently wear swimwear that does not fully cover your bottom, you should be lathering it up with sunscreen. Most tend not to do this in order to gain the perfect tan. Save yourself the trouble now and make sure to wear sunscreen even with your favorite bikini.

Soles of the Feet

Fun in the sun often means we are wearing are most worn down pair of sandals. There is no better way to explore the beach, especially in the shallow ends of the water. However, your soles of the feet can be prone to skin cancer during long exposed times to sun light. When you are sunbathing, make sure to lather up your feet, top and bottom, to avoid any potential of skin cancer.

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