Use Soprano XLi to Get Rid of that Unwanted and Embarrassing Hair

Laser Hair Removal - Before and AfterMany of us want to permanently get rid of that embarrassing, unwanted hair. We are tired of shaving, plucking, or waxing. It takes time, it is often messy, and we keep having to do it again and again in order to keep that smooth appearance.

There is a new, pain-free laser hair removal procedure — the Soprano XLi — that provides long-last results that will let you give up waxing, shaving, and plucking.

The Soprano XLi procedure uses a state-of-the-art device that can be used on any skin type or color; even darker or tanned skin types. Previous types of laser hair removal could only be used on those with pale skin and darker hair.

The Soprano XLi Procedure

The Soprano XLi procedure is safe and comfortable. It essentially distributes laser energy into the hair follicles, effectively destroying or killing them.

The Soprano device is moved over the treatment area using warm, massaging strokes. This is very different from other laser treatments that resulted in painful zapping sensations. Additionally, the procedure is much faster than other techniques because the laser energy is applied over the entire area, constantly delivering energy. There are no delays and is actually relaxing. Of course, the main benefit is to permanently remove the hair.

The technical name is “selective photothermolysis”, and the hair follicles are actually targeted beneath the skin.

The Soprano XLi procedure can be used on nearly any body area including the neck, chin, face, upper lip, bikini area, arms, legs, stomach, and chest. Both men and women can benefit from this very effective treatment.

You will probably see results after just the first session due to the fact that about 20% of hair is destroyed during the treatment. Additionally, the procedure is pain free, so you won’t need pain relievers or numbing creams.

After the treatment, you will be able to go back to your normal schedule. Also, you will not experience any redness or irritation that can result from other hair removal techniques.

The Soprano XLi procedure is very effective and fast. This means you will have to undergo fewer treatments to get the desired results, resulting in less expense.

Benefits of Soprano XLi

  • The treatment destroys hair in its active growth cycle
  • All hair follicles are killed when treated during the growth cycle
  • Can be used on all skin tones, including darker or tanned skin
  • The procedure is comfortable and quick
  • Fewer treatments are required
  • The procedure is recovery-free, allowing you to return to your normal schedule immediately