What is Acne and How to Treat It


There are many people suffering from acne — from current outbreaks to the after effects, such as scarring. Acne can be confusing.  Many people are under the belief that just cutting out fatty foods or chocolate will help curtail outbreaks. In addition, the variety of treatment options available are confusing.  Treatments range from over-the-counter creams to advanced acne treatments that take place in a physician’s office.

Understanding Acne

When treating acne, it is important to understand just what acne is – and its causes. Acne is basically caused by a hormonal fluctuation that increases oil production and then clogs the pores. However, you should understand that not all acne cases are the same, nor will they all respond to the same treatments. There are three main types of acne:

  • Comedonal
  • Inflammatory
  • Cystic

Therapy and Treatments

The individual type of acne you are suffering from will determine the type of therapy and/or treatment you should undergo.

For mild to moderate comedonal and inflammatory cases, which generally occurs in teenagers, they can often be successfully treated with topical creams. These creams work by unclogging the pores. Brands of these topical creams include Differin, Retin-A, and Tazorac.

In some cases, a topical retinoid will be prescribed along with an oral antibiotic. This combination of medications will kill the bacteria that are causing the acne inflammation.

In severe inflammatory or cystic acne, a more power treatment drug — isotretinoin — is often prescribed. Also, there are laser or blue light treatments that can also kill the acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Treating Acne Scars

Many people who have suffered from acne find themselves with unattractive acne scars. There are several procedures and treatments that can help get rid of these scars including:

Creams — Topical creams can reduce the look of the red, swollen scars. These creams usually contain cortisone, vitamin C, or a skin lightener, and are usually available over the counter without a prescription.

Fillers — Fillers are the next alternative when topical creams are not effective. These dermal fillers can fill in the indentations caused by acne scarring.

Laser Treatments — This is one of the most effective methods to eliminate acne scarring. This procedure will improve the skin’s appearance by smoothing out the scars, along with stimulating new collagen growth.

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