What Is Breast Reduction Liposuction?

What Is Breast Reduction Liposuction?

Liposuction, as a technique for the removal of excessive fat deposits throughout the body, has long been recognized as a safe, efficient and highly successful form of cosmetic alteration. Today, liposuction is an extremely common choice among patients and its appeal often lies in the fact that it can be performed with the benefits of a quick recovery period and minimal to no scarring. More recently, the benefits of liposuction related to breast reduction have gained popularity among patients and physicians alike. So, what is breast reduction and how does it work? Learn more below!

Identifying the Ideal Candidate

Whether it’s due to the weight of the breasts and related painful symptoms, or an aesthetic preference, breast reduction through liposuction can be a good option for women who experience excessive breast weight and size and are looking to reduce both. Similarly, breast reduction liposuction has proven highly successful among those patients who are hoping to correct breast asymmetry.

How the Procedure Works

Breast reduction liposuction is performed as an outpatient procedure right in the comfort of the attending physician’s office. Once the breasts are marked at reduction points, the patient is generally given a combination of local anesthetic as well as inhalation anesthesia for optimum comfort. From here, the reduction process is very much in line with the traditional liposuction process and standards and involves the removal of fatty tissue from the breast using a cannula and suction. Once small skin punctures are made in the breast, an injection of a tumescent solution aids the suction process and helps to prevent any potential excessive bleeding or post-treatment bruising.

Results and Recovery

For the vast majority of those that undergo liposuction for breast reduction, significant aesthetic improvements will be noticed over the course of the three months following the procedure. Those patients that are undergoing the procedure to reduce their breasts by multiple cup sizes may see a delay in recovery with the best results appear somewhere between 6 to 9 months after liposuction is performed. Daily activities and routines can generally be taken up 3-5 days after the procedure is completed with a return to full exercise regiments allowed within two weeks while utilizing the proper breast support garments.

Comparing Breast Reduction Options

Breast Liposuction give noticeable lifted and lighter breasts, it is not always the best procedure for women wanting breast reduction. When breast liposuction is compared with open surgical breast reduction, breast Liposuction recovery is much quicker and does not leave larger scars on the breast.  Breast liposuction does not cause any damage to the blood supply to the nipple. Loss of blood supply to the nipple can occur in about 1% of open surgical breast reduction surgery.  Breast liposuction does not interfere with breast feeding and cause loss of nipple sensation. While breast reduction by liposuction improves the lift of breasts as the skin tightens post-treatment, there lift achieved with breast liposuction is not as dramatic as with open surgical breast lift and reduction and the amount reduction is somewhat variable  It is always an option for patients to undergo breast lifts in the future to achieve the aesthetic they’re hoping for. Minimal scarring can be expected for those that undergo breast reduction liposuction, creating results that are both successful and natural in appearance.