facial injectables

Learn About Facial Injectables

If you are looking at filling in sunken areas on your face or filling in fine lines, there is nothing better than facial injectables. These cosmetic treatments can help you regain the youthful look that age has taken away. Our cosmetic physicians are able to provide many different fillers right in the office. Here is how to tell which one is best for you:


While our faces may start off with firm and smooth skin, the signs of age can creep in through sun damage and sagging. Wrinkles can make your face appear wider than it actually is and lose volume. Restylane injections are a great way to restore any lost volume and help you achieve a more youthful look. Restylane is able to provide instant results that reduce the appearance of aging. Your skin will be more elastic, have volume restored, and fine lines will be smoothed away. Restylane is not advised for patients who have experienced skin disease or inflammation around the area to be treated. Results last 6 months or longer depending on the targeted area.


Another great filler to help you restore a loss of volume in your face is Radiesse. This injectable treatment is especially popular for the upper cheek to help your smile achieve that youthful look of years past. Results are immediate and the treatment only takes a handful of minutes to complete. Each injection is non-allergic with long-lasting results. Radiesse is a great alternative treatment to other dermal fillers.


One of the newer anti-aging facial injectables on the market is known as Voluma. This new solution is able to provide everything you want in one injectable treatment. Voluma starts by raising up sullen cheeks for a more youthful look. The contours of your face will be more plump and appear fuller. Results can last up to five years with routine touch ups. Voluma is a great way to treat fine lines, hollow cheeks, and add volume that has been lost in your face.

Starts with Your Individual Consultation for Facial Injectables

Picking one injectable treatment over others can be a difficult task. Let the professionals at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center help you find the right facial injectables for you with your free consultation. We will design an individualized experience around your wants and needs. Let the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center help you restore what age has taken away from your face. Learn more about us!