Fat Grafting

Why We Use Puregraft for Fat Grafting Procedures

Recent advancements in cosmetic enhancements have led the way to the development of fat grafting. This procedure works by removing fat tissue from other portions of the body, typically around the abdomen, waist, and hips, and using this fat tissue to augment the breasts and buttocks. However, fat grafting does not have the best rate of success for fat tissue to remain in the injected areas. The fat tissue can sometimes be reabsorbed back into the body. In the past few years Puregraft has hit the market, bringing with it the highest success for fat grafting procedures. Here is why Puregraft is used for our fat grafting procedures:

Engineered for Success

Puregraft is the only fat grafting procedure that has been clinically validated for humans. Other fat grafting systems are unable to filter and remove nearly all contaminants from your fat tissue before it is injected into the treated area. Puregraft is able to remove more than 97% of these contaminants which include blood, fluid, oil, and fragmented cells. Puregraft is able to keep your fat tissue’s regenerative properties in place with their engineered filtration system.

All in One System

Another incredible benefit of Puregraft is that it is all in one closed system. There is no need to transfer any content of the procedure from one device to another. This eliminates any possible risk of contamination that can occur with other fat grafting procedures.

Allows for Large Fat Grafting Procedures

Keeping the procedure in one closed system allows cosmetic offices like ourselves to be able to complete large grafting procedures. The procedure is simpler and maintains the top level of sterility, making sure our patients remain safe and comfortable throughout the treatment process.

Less Time, More Focus on You

Fat grafting procedures can be lengthy but Puregraft saves a significant amount of time with its incredible design. The time we save on each treatment allows us to see more patients each day and create a more open schedule for our prized patients.

Puregraft is the Only Fat Grafting Procedure We Use

If you are considering a fat grafting procedure, rest assured that we only use Puregraft in our patients. Call today for your free consultation and see how Puregraft can assist you with your augmentation needs! Check out our before and after client pictures!