Winter Skin Care

We look forward to the cool temperatures of winter every year, but did you know that the colder, drier weather can leave your skin damaged? Protect your skin this winter season by following the simple Winter skin care tips below:

Dress for the Weather

We look forward to our thick and heavy winter sweaters every year to keep us warm. While some material is great to have laying on your skin, some material is not. Avoid having materials such as wool in direct contact with your skin. These kinds of materials can leave your skin itchy and dry it out very quickly. If you do wear wool, make sure to have soft layers in between the sweater and your skin. You can stay warm while avoiding any damage the material can cause to your skin.

Keep the Sunscreen On

We typically do not think of wearing sunscreen during the cold months of winter, but it can be just as important as during the hot, sunny days of summer. UV rays can be reflected off snow on the ground and still burn us. Keep safe by lathering up in sunscreen when you plan on spending hours outdoors. This will help keep your skin hydrated while avoiding any potential sunburns.

Check Your Skin Care Products

It is important to adjust your usual skin care routine during the winter months. Some products may include astringent alcohols that can dry out your skin. Instead, purchase products that cut out the alcohol. Heavier skin care products such as creams are preferred during the winter over light products such as lotion. This is especially important after washing your hands to keep the skin from drying out and cracking.

Add Omega Fatty Acids to the Diet

Another simple solution to maintaining healthier skin during the winter is by adding omega fatty acids to your diet. This can easily be done through supplements taken every day. While the results may not be as noticeable as using a better skin care product, it is important to keep a healthy diet.

More Skin Care Help This Winter

If you need a little extra help with your skin care, look no further than the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center. Dr. Wright and his team will help you keep your skin looking and feeling great throughout the winter. All you need to do is call today for your free consultation and see which of ourskin care treatments is right for you. Check out some of our best dermatology services today!