Your Personalized Acne and Acne Rosacea Skin Care Treatment

St Louis acne treatment results

When finding a local esthetician with extensive experience handling all the minor and major skin problems you should look no further than the St Louis Laser Liposuction Center. Dr. Wright and his trained staff put the skin concerns of each and every patient first. Our staff starts with a thorough skin examination including a review of the patient’s history to fully analyze the skin and determine the type of acne they are experiencing. This extensive review makes sure we know the patient’s history of dieting, occupation, skin care product use, and prescription medications to provide a thorough diagnosis of the specific acne they are experiencing and an individual treatment plan to target this specific type.

Our Prescription Acne Products

Dr. Wright has over a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience in the field and creates specific formulas for our prescription acne products. By working directly with the compounding pharmacy, we can ensure that only the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used and any unnecessary additives or fragrances are left out that typically cause skin irritation. Our acne foaming cleanser can fight bacteria and inflammation along with minimizing cell purging. Each cleanser includes active ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree oil that act not just as a cleanser but also an active treatment. We recommend using our face wash after any makeup has been removed and is allowed to sit on the skin to penetrate the pores. 

In-House St Louis Acne Treatment Program

Our multifaceted St Louis acne treatment program is performed in three combined steps by our medical estheticians and right in the office. We begin with natural sea salt that helps exfoliate the skin along with having other beneficial elements such as being antibacterial. Other treatment programs utilize sea salt as microdermabrasion that can be harsh on the skin. Any residual sea salt will kill any bacteria and allow moisture to enter the skin. Next, we use a therapeutic ultrasound on the skin that encourages prescribed medication to penetrate further into the skin tissue than having it just applied to the surface. Finally, our third step uses LED light treatment that is applied in two different wavelengths. This trans-cutaneous treatment includes a LED blue light and near infrared light. For 20 minutes the blue LED light will kill any bacteria in the acne while the red light reduces any inflammation. 

We encourage our patients to receive our sea salt facial once or twice a month depending on the acne severity for the patient. After our salt facials have cleared out any active acne we recommend an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment that can help clear any acne scarring, dark spots, and overall appearance of the skin.

For those patients suffering from mild to severe acne that prefer in-office treatments, Dr. Wright and his team at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center offer a three-step treatment option that can be undergone as a single session or repeatedly over the long-term for long-lasting results. Patients who elect this multi-step in-office treatment option begin with the application of a natural sea salt scrub. Used in place of synthetic crystals, sea salt exfoliates the skin while providing simultaneous antibacterial benefits and encourages the skin to trap and maintain moisture.

After the sea salt scrub has been successfully applied, patients are moved on to a therapeutic skin ultrasound. Patients who require prescription medications to treat acne will find that low-frequency ultrasound waves have the ability to aid these medications in deeper and more effective skin penetration when directed at problematic areas.

LED light treatment is the third and final step for those that elect in-office treatment. Over the course of 20 minutes, LED light at varying wavelengths is directed at specified treatment areas reducing existing bacteria and assisting with the reduction of inflammation. Similarly, many patients find this treatment to be helpful in making acne scars less noticeable over time.