Does Non Invasive Body Sculpting and Contouring Work?

Have you heard the term “non-invasive body contouring?” If you have, you may be wondering just what it is and if it is actually effective. Non-invasive body contouring is a term that covers several different types of body sculpting procedures that can smooth away bulges, all without incisions or other surgical procedures. There are different methods/types of this procedure, such as:

  • Radiofrequency — Controlled radiofrequency energy is directed at the areas to be contoured to heat up the fat cells and destroy them.
  • Ultrasound — High-intensity, focused sound waves are used to disrupt the fat deposits and cells. These then dissolve over time and are eliminated through natural body functions.
  • Laser therapy — Laser energy is directed into the tissues to break down the fat cells, which are then absorbed through normal body functions.

Does The Body Sculpting Procedure Work?

It’s important for patients to understand that body scuplting is not a weight loss method. These types of body contouring are very effective for those who are at their optimal weight, but have the desire to reduce or contour fat deposits that are not responding to diet and exercise. Patients must have realistic expectations of this type of procedure. At most, only about 25% of the fat in the area can be treated.  Only the radiofrequency based treatments, such as Body Fx and Forma, cause significant skin tightening, the noninvasive ultrasound and laser procedures offer no skin tightening.

The main benefits of non-invasive body contouring techniques include no incisions and subsequent scarring. The non-invasive nature of these procedures also allows for a much faster recovery time. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to undergo liposuction procedures. This should be discussed with your doctor when choosing any body contouring procedure.

Non-Invasive Body Contouring from St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center

At the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, we are very experienced in all areas of body sculpting—both non-invasive and liposuction. Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director at the Center says, “We consider the decision to undergo body contouring a very personal decision. That is one of the main reasons we discuss all the options available to each individual.”

He continues by emphasizing that it is very important that he and his staff detail the importance of having realistic goals. He states, “We want to ensure that we understand the goals and desired results of each patients. We will work with each person to make sure that they do not have unrealistic desires so we can help them achieve great looking results.”