The Best in St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery

Today, being comfortable about your body and having a positive self-image are very important. Your self-confidence often rests on your body image, and at St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center, we can help you attain your desired look. At St Louis Laser Liposuction Center, we incorporate advanced and innovative medical technology, along with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to provide patients the highest level of service and results. Dr. Thomas Wright, our medical director, is dedicated to treating and educating patients in the areas of liposuction, fat transfer and other cosmetic procedures in St Louis. Dr. Wright possesses the skills, experience, and knowledge to create and restore a youthful image.

St Louis Laser Liposuction is Our Specialty

Dr. Wright’s training and experience ensure that patients are offered safe and extremely effective St Louis liposuction procedures to remove stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to exercise and diet. He performs tumescent liposuction using only local anesthesia, to provide a gentler and safer procedure. Patients of the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center will experience a revolutionary laser lipo procedure that eliminates the danger of general anesthesia, as well as offers a lower-cost solution. With a Five-Star rating from Health Grades and 6 Patient Choice Awards, Dr. Wright has proven that his main priority is patient satisfaction. He takes time to get to know his patients’ goals. You can read more reviews and testimonies to see why his patients trust him for yourself!

A Variety of St Louis Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Because we understand that St. Louis cosmetic surgery is an extremely personal decision, we offer confidential, informative, and free-of-charge or obligation consultations. During a consultation, we can discuss our wide offering of cosmetic procedures including laser hair removal, radio frequency assisted liposuction, skin tightening procedures, injectables, fillers, and more. We can also help you turn back the clock on your facial features with facial rejuvenation, treat wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks, and even get rid of age spots and redness – all thanks to the steady hand of Dr. Thomas Wright, one of the few board-certified cosmetic surgeons in St. Louis MO!

When you are ready to get that more youthful, attractive look, call us to schedule your lipo or cosmetic consultation. Trust us; when it comes to St. Louis cosmetic surgery, St. Louis Liposuction is here for you!