A Rise in Self Confidence Through Non-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery


Dr. Wright performing surgery in our office


Cosmetic surgery trends are changing every day. With an upswing in non-invasive cosmetic procedures, and as they become more common than ever, everyday people have begun considering how they can naturally tweak their appearances here and there to improve their self-esteem and prospects. Cosmetic surgeons are finding that more and more of their typical patients are not those who are looking for a complete overhaul where a full body transformation is sought, complete with weeks of downtime for a full recovery, but a new kind of patient who simply wants to come in and out as they see fit to make minor adjustments to areas of their face or body that have been bothering them.

The Age of Self-Confidence

The ease with which a patient can seek a non-invasive cosmetic procedure is more apparent than ever with many treatment options allowing patients to continue with their normal day to day activities as soon as they leave the doctor’s office or within a matter of days instead of weeks. What was once seen as mere vanity is now appreciated as another method for improving oneself and for garnering more opportunities in career advancement and relationship quests as self-esteem is boosted and improved appearances help to get a foot in the door.

Relatively simple procedures such as seeking porcelain veneers when discolored, broken and crooked teeth have bothered a person for years, can do so much to improve self-confidence and give a person back their smile that they had been hiding for so long. Others are anxious to rid themselves of a hyperpigmentation issue that has made them feel embarrassed and caused frustration as expensive foundations and creams have done very little to cover the problem. Others still have found that non-invasive skin tightening treatments have left them feeling more confident to re-enter the dating scene or to look as young as they feel without having to undergo extensive, expensive face lifts and other such serious operations.

It’s no secret that physical attractiveness has an impact both professionally and personally and these procedures have grown in popularity as people who can afford the occasional improvement discover they aren’t ready to just accept certain physical flaws.

Choose Laser Lipo and Veins for your Cosmetic Surgery

Of course, patients must continue to be realistic in their expectations of what these non-invasive procedures can deliver. A natural appearance is usually encouraged by most doctors who see patients that abuse even these non-invasive techniques and begin to look obvious in the cosmetic enhancements that they’ve sought. A reputable doctor, such as Dr. Wright at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center, can work with you to make the improvements that you seek while keeping your look natural and healthy.