BodyTite: Minimally Invasive Skin Tightening and Lifting

As the human body ages, it’s natural for collagen and elastin levels to decrease while fat deposits increase. As metabolism slows over time, it can be difficult to maintain the contoured physique complete with tight skin that most enjoy in their youth. Fortunately for both men and women, great advances in the field of cosmetic technology mean there’s no reason to simply live with these changes. Instead, patients can pursue a variety of skin tightening and body sculpting services that fit their desired physical goals and preferences.

While liposuction long looked to as the exclusive cosmetic solution to body contouring, BodyTite has found its way into the field of cosmetic services much to the delight of physicians and patients alike. This minimally invasive technique has proven to provide successful results that not only remove fat deposits in problematic areas but simultaneously tightens skin during the process. Where traditional liposuction can remove fat cells, but runs the risk of leaving loose skin behind, BodyTite takes both factors into consideration and manages to contour and tighten at the same time.

BodyTite has been shown to both tighten and lift areas of the face and body that a patient is looking to contour. Using a small cannula, a physician performing BodyTite on a patient can achieve up to two-thirds of the same results of a tummy tuck, breast lift or thigh lift without leaving a scar behind. Some areas of the body that are particularly prone to loose and sagging skin include the upper arms, inner thighs as well as the area over the knees and lower abdomen. BodyTite is a successful solution to treating these areas in a short amount of time with proven results.

Understanding How BodyTite Works

BodyTite utilizes radiofrequency-assisted liposuction techniques to both melt away fat cells and tighten skin at the same time. In the comfort of an attending physician’s office, a patient can generally expect a BodyTite treatment session to take approximately 30 minutes. The handheld device used to administer BodyTite is comprised of two probes and a handle. One probe is large and flat while the second is significantly smaller. The smaller probe is inserted into the treatment site through a small incision point while the flat probe rests on the exterior of the body. Energy and heat flowing through the probes are regulated from a central digital base. Local anesthetic can be used to keep patients comfortable during this procedure which involves minimal to no recovery time. At most, patients report a warm sensation at the treatment site which generally disappears quickly after the treatment is complete.

Overall, BodyTite proves to deliver consistent and successful results for patients. Recent studies have shown BodyTite has the capacity to reduce skin surface area in the upper arm by 33.5% and can reduce skin surface area of the lower abdomen by 26% compared to the average 8.3% for those that undergo traditional liposuction.

BodyTite for Breast Lifts

While BodyTite is a popular option for patients looking to treat the arms, thighs, abdomen, and face, it is also an option for patients interested in a minimally invasive breast lift. Traditional breast reduction or lift surgeries have long resulted in patients bearing a significant scar. The radiofrequency technology employed with BodyTite means patients can achieve skin tightening and lifting of the breast without scarring. BodyTite for breast lifts also provides patients with a significantly quicker recovery period and has been shown to provide results less likely to lead to loss of nipple sensation. 



BodyTite is considered a minimally invasive procedure and as such, comes with very little risk to patients. BodyTite requires the use of local anesthetic at most, meaning patients doesn’t have to worry about any of the risks associated with general anesthesia. BodyTite also comes with a minimal recovery time, reducing any of the risks of infection that often accompany a lengthy post-procedure hospital stay.

Cost Considerations

Before undergoing any type of cosmetic treatment, including BodyTite, it’s important that patients take time to discuss the final cost of care with their physician. It’s equally imperative that patients discuss the cost of care with their individual insurance providers. The team at the St. Louis Laser Liposuction Center is happy to provide patients with a range of financing options through our clinic.

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